The Quality

at this time those had not been few that, having dived in the work, had finished if forgetting ' ' adubar' ' its tax of empregabilidade as, for example, studying, for, the least, to remain itself inside in an acceptable standard of the work market. These people had perceived others late who had been the edge of the process. After much time, this situation was being, obligatorily better evaluated, since a simple exploration was not more than to natural resources or a simple economic exploration, for colonial pact. But yes, the necessity to create conditions of the ingression of new nations in the context of the economic relations, to produce substances cousins and to consume industrialized products. The industries needed to develop modern systems of transports, communication, mechanization of agricultural production and new forms to explore the natural resources as power plant. From the century XX it starts to appear a production in mass, the society of abundncias and the crises of the production excess that if it all reflected in the structural process of the economy. This was to the time of fast industrialization, where the man had that to be fit to the new system of production.

For return of the years the 80 companies start to strengthen the trend, mobilizing themselves to adjust to the quality systems, the concerns for productive international certificates. Use of the certificates of the ISO also starts if to develop much more it, and the quality starts to be only factor, so that the companies conquer these certificates. Behavior the behavior shows the importance of the motivation in the subconscious mind, SIGMUND FREUD was one of the first ones to recognize the importance of the subconscious motivation, believing that, nor always, the people are conscientious of what they really want Concludes that good part of its behavior is dictated by reasons or subconscious necessities.

Food for Sportsmen

Think about what you should eat if you engage in sporting activities. The subjects that worry to a trainer more: to feed and to hydrate a sportsman! If I fed myself bad during all the life, I am not going to solve the problem a day before the competition.

The carbohydrates change by the form in which they cook. the fats for the sportsman must be low although he is thin! The best form to die in a competition, is to eat before the test. When realising the digestion, the insulin snatches energa to him to the muscle and it produces chronic fatigue to him.

If we do not want to wake up it insulin during the competition, we do not consume carbohydrates up to three hours before the test. Ten minutes after the test, water is due to take, more hidratante. Seven days and delay the center of the appetite to realize that the sportsman lowered his service load. Six minutes it delays I suck of hidratante to arrive at the center of the cell. The iron is ” estrella” in any sport. The iron is vital for a sportsman because it oxidizes the glucose it turns and it into energy. When there is iron deficit we felt slow and the body must make more red blood cells to compensate the lack of hemglobina. With the sensible hemglobina, always a correct oxygen transport will exist. The iron he is vital for the breathing. Iron stimulates the endurance and aid to the stronger and combative immune system to being. When there is iron deficiency originates nemia. .que comes to be insufficiency of hemoglobina in the blood. If we consumed vitamin C we will allow a greater absorption of iron on the part of the organism. The richest iron foods are: lentils, chick-peas, soya, peas, beet, brocol, spinach, plums, grapes you happen, seafood and bread and cereals reinforced with iron. And finally If some of these foods brings about wrath to you and ” pataletas” whenever in to your they cook them house, then it vetoes preparing for the worse thing; since if your trainer perceives symptoms of ” anemia deportiva” in you, most possible it is than it retires to you of the equipment and it commands to you to fry cochinitos in the North Pole. An anemic sportsman is a great risk for any equipment. Respiratory unemployment in one of its members can throw to ” pique” the season, to damage the image of the institution, and ” to command infierno” the credibility of the trainer.


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Development Status

The development status and trends of mining equipment It is understood that the sand and gravel industry has three main objectives: First, conserve resources and develop mechanisms sand. Now, the production of natural sand and mechanisms sand each accounts for 50%, with the reduction of natural sand resources as well as the needs of environmental protection, future development trend will focus on sand mechanism. Secondly, improve efficiency by technology; We should make further industrialization construction, and the gravel industry leader needs to make great achievements in mechanization and automation degree level. Third, extend the sand and gravel industry chain and increase the value-added products. As well as other industries, gravel enterprises are be uneven in products qualities; In addition to the inadequate enterprise management mechanisms, uneven production equipment quality, non-standard production processes, insecure production process and other issues also constrain the development and growth of sand and gravel industry; If no remediation, it is bound to affect the development of the construction industry, and the whole country s economic development. Mining machinery market now faces several development priorities: First, innovation on product crusher; blindly imitate others equipment production will be submerged in a wave of highly developed economy and ultimately be eliminated; in order to develop by leaps and bounds, crusher must have market enterprises core competitiveness and their own unique products. Second, crusher product tends to be large-scale; large-scale crusher equipment has large crushing ratio, high production capacity and high automation, and it is increasingly welcomed by large manufacturers, so large-scale development has become the latest trend in the machinery industry development. Sand production equipment can be roughly includes jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen; and crusher is the core of the entire production process gravel. As the exporter of crusher products and services, mining machinery should constantly improve quality to meet the growing market demand and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

State Chief Information Officers

Madrid, December 15, 2010 the economic crisis has become projects of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) a sure bet for any it Department. Its ability to automate tasks, streamline internal processes and achieve a fast return on investment have been the keys that have guaranteed the success of such projects. If Gartner predicted that the documentary software would be a priority for CIOs around the world throughout 2010, results have not disappointed and despite cuts that have experienced technology budgets at the end of last year, more than 25 percent of the organizations around the world have addressed any project related to documentary technology in 2010. Far from dissolving, it seems that the trend will strengthen face the new year, at least so the State CIO Priorities report indicates for 2011, published by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), pointing towards the management of information and data as a strategic priority for the CIOs and noted that digitization, storage and preservation and search for that information policies will be essential solutions for those companies that want to remain competitive in the market. DocPath, leading company specializing in the manufacture of software documentary exposes five fundamental reasons why companies should continue investing in this technology in 2011: increased productivity: one of the first consequences of an ECM project is the automation of processes that do not constitute the focus of the company’s business and that, however, entail the involvement of high material and personal resources of the company. When machining these tasks, we managed to streamline the internal organisation of the company and improve the response times of face to the outside.

Cost reduction: business leaders are increasingly demanding more to their systems departments adopt technologies that help them cut costs. The documentary software reduces prints at up to 30 per cent, amortize the space allocated for storage by 99 percent and minimize paper consumption with associated expenses that entails excessive use. Securing information: information is one of the main assets of a company, especially considered critical to the business. Protect it is essential to ensure the continuity of a company and prevent that information fall into malicious hands. Documentary software technologies make it possible to secure one of the aspects more problematic for the security of an organization: Exchange of information with third parties and controlled access to the documentation of the company. Improve corporate image: companies relate to their customers through documents and it is such documentation, among other things, that makes up the image that the user has for a particular company. With documentary software, organizations can design documents with professional finish in a simple way, send them through various ways and expedite response times offered to their customers, which has an impact clear in the corporate image and the competitive capacity of the organization. Rapid ROI: Documentary software projects allow to obtain a quick return on investment to all those companies that adopt them, since the first results are discernible in a matter of weeks and investment takes a few months in return completely.

Brazilian Electoral Code

But on the other hand the Portuguese had given to an enormous contribution for the traffic and use of the enslaved work. With ' ' evoluo' ' of the society and the ideals, and principles based on the authors as Locke, Rousseau and Montesquieu, note if that Natural laws had been institutionalized in Codes, as the example in the law nr. 4737 of 1965? Brazilian Electoral code, whose disposal in the Art. 2 – All power emanates of the people and will be exerted in its name, for agent chief executives chosen, direct and private, amongst candidates indicated for national political parties, excepted the indirect election in the cases foreseen in the Constitution and specific laws and Art. 7 – the voter who to leave to after vote and not to justify before the judge of the electoral court up to 30 (thirty) days the accomplishment of the election, will incur into the fine of 3 (three) the 10 (ten) percent on the minimum wage of the region, imposed for the judge of the electoral court and charged in the form foreseen in art. 367. 1 Without the test of that it voted in the last election, it paid the respective fine or of that he was justified duly, it will not be able the voter: I – to enroll in competition or test for position or public office, to invest or to install themselves in them; II – to receive expirations, remuneration, wage or revenues of function or public, autarchic job or for state, as well as foundations governmental, companies, justinian codes and society of any nature, kept or subventionized for the government or that they exert delegated public service, corresponding to as the month subsequente to the one of the election; III – to participate of public bid or administrative of the Union, the States, the Territories, the Federal District or the cities, or the respective autarchies; IV – to get loans in the autarchies, societies of mixing economy, federal government saving bank or state, in the justinian codes and boxes of social welfare, as well as in any establishment of credit kept for the government, or whose administration this participates, and with these entities to celebrate contracts; V – to get passport or identity card; VI – to renew school registration in educational establishment official or fiscalized by the government; VII – to practise any act for which if it demands repayment of the military service or income tax.

Therefore, the chapters, paragraphs and interpolated propositions of the Brazilian Electoral Code of 1965 above related, had the objective of analogous exemplificar the Ideas of the Authors versus the present time. At the same time where it approaches on the liberalism of John Locke, the freedom of the Individual argues on the importance of the protection, for the State. But an awaken thing curiosity and also the form that masks the democracy concept all. Therefore at the same time where it is clearly this emanated power of the people, it notices if an obligatoriness of the society to participate or to vote in its candidate.

The Concept

When we construct to all a rational logic, and about this direction I think about the concept of epistmica formation of Foucaut, imagining constructive the cognitivo process as something, we have Madness as descontruir, creating the escape of ' ' real' ' the dissolution of ' ' verdade' '. From this perspective, we have contrary Madness while to intelligible act, creating ' ' espaos' ' abstracionais in the process of construction of the knowledge, also making possible, to project themselves in an abstraction that runs away the concretude from the experience and to fall in the one production ' ' universe paralelo' ' , that is, an abstract world that if it feeds only of abstractions, looking for to inteligir themselves and to convert the reality its ilogicidade. But what it presents Erasmo de Rotterdam is an inversion of ' ' logic of the Loucura' ' , therefore it demonstrates to a disfarada reality and Madness as responsible for bringing to tona what it is hidden for the disguise. Madness demonstrating itself as antithesis of the reason, has as functionality to deny the rational, what it makes with that, having this perverted rationalism, he would be analogous to one to drive crazy, that would allow to escape of the presented simulation, through desvelar itself, therefore if the reason lack makes to it to occult the reality, when the Real already if it presents occult, it is exactly its perversion that will make with that if it displays. Madness is ousadia, it allows in them to go beyond, making with that the reality if becomes not a goal, but a simple ones to become involved itself in one ' ' another one realidade' ' , making with that here let us be launched to the platonismo, being that in the example of Rotterdam, it would be the Madness that would assume the role to rescue us of the cave of a ilusria reality. .

Socialist Government

Before becoming President of the Generalitat, Camps had been councillor, Deputy national, regional Minister and Government representative. It was not, however, a few easy early, because the fact that his predecessor, Eduardo Zaplana, retained the Presidency of the PPCV while Camps was number two resulted in a split that caused disagreements between both and the division of the party among his followers. In 2004 he was appointed President of the PPCV and is gradually freeing of guardianships and forming their own project and his team, while he managed to stop the outbreaks of rebellion in the province of Alicante, where has never ceased to exist the stronghold zaplanista led by Jose Joaquin Ripoll, provincial President of the party and former President of the provincial Council. In May 2007, he got his second electoral majority at the time who became the most voted President of the democratic history of the Valencian Community, and the following year was re-elected President of the PPCV with a 98% endorsement, that consolidated him as the leader of a formation unbeatable at the polls. By then, it had erected Camps already as one of the barons of the PP and one of the mainstays of Mariano Rajoy, to which he supported publicly the day after that it lost the general elections, and which had Gala share a friendship forged in difficult times. Reach Gurtel in this context, when the PPCV seemed unified and with an opposition unable to cough him, crossed on their way the case Gurtel, first in the form of suits that would have given him the plot of corruption.

Camps became the first pages of the covers for your phone conversations with the head of the plot in Valencia, alvaro Perez, which is rria as friend of the soul and it said that it wanted an egg, and became the first Valencian President to declare as imputed to the Superior Court of Justice de la Comunitat. It became an attack by the Socialist Government against the people of Valencia the cause and focused on the European elections of June 2009, which doubled as a plebiscite to its management the distance to the PSPV, after that in August the TSJCV filed the case. However, the partial lifting of gag unveiled new conversations that pointed to a possible illegal financing of the PPCV and placed in the center of the target at his right hand in the match, Ricardo Costa, who ended up replacing after a clash between the regional and national direction which decomposed the existing trust relationship. Camps, who called seemed to occupy the highest responsibilities, always has dndido that being at the forefront of the Generalitat is the most beautiful thing that can happen, and it has come to confess that he dreamed the day they became former Valencia President, because nobody could remove him something so beautiful as to be able to go saying many times: I was President of the Generalitat. This degree in law from the University of Valencia will attempt to prove his innocence now and refute all the terrible things that have been said against him in recent years.

I feel liberated to dnderme where appropriate these accusations, he says. With dignity, pride and honesty. Thus feels Camps, values will have to dnder in the courts.

The Times

I am so only gray shade and of a past bitter taste that already does not exist more and of as many torments that already they had died. A freer force, even so still conditional, because not yet total it exempts, is truth, but much more bold and conscientious well of the chains that normally hinder in them to alar high flights. Others including electron research, offer their opinions as well. My sincere desire is that you also want to fly and can make it. That it knows to lose itself in the mysteries to meet. That it perceives the immense occult wisdom in a simple dawn.

All cold and dark night finishes hugs with it of the sun that always arrives offering, gratuitously, its light and heat. That it discovers as the night and the stars they are pretty and also as TO BE what you really need TO BE. You today need to be stronger what it yesterday obtained to be. tomorrow? It does not exempt of what it was today. after tomorrow, as today and the days that will be followed, does not matter what it happens of good or bad, if alone, is well or badly folloied, either so happy how much it could be. It has urgency in discovering which is the biggest happiness. to if obtaining have as to prove if its discovery was true: its sensation of happiness cannot be a joy any that passes with the time, quite to the contrary, must be eternalized at every moment. Next to this certainly he will be next to the Truth, invariant, infinite and perfect. When obtaining discovered so great knows to always keep this treasure beating burning hotly in the silence of the heart calm, far and protected of the racket of cruel, egoistic, cold, voracious and deceptive the world.