Yao Homenya

“Also the award-winning films on a DVD are published, shown in Hamburg cinemas and other reconnaissance work in the sense of the European year for combating poverty and social exclusion” used. The singer Yao Homenya about the motivation for his song: “homeless people are our neighbours. They’re there. Look the other way does not change. On the contrary.

It is cruel to look the other way. The least we can give these people’s compassion and respect. Especially homeless women often ashamed. They get back a piece of their self-esteem, if they are greeted and smiled at”. Manu, the actress in the movie clip lives a confident on the road.

Nevertheless, she knows all the gruesome side of the road. Manu was willing to give the song her face so that the video for the song shows a homeless woman, who can decide this not clear due to drugs or mental confusion. The song also stands for all the others, who have to decide for yourself. These are the excluded as well as the exclusionary. Background – about Yao Homenya: Yao Homenya is three cultures. He was born as the son of a doctor from Ghana in the Ukraine and a Russian pianist. He was awarded the third stamp in Germany, where he by young grew up. With 9 years already knew that he wants to write music and songs. At the age of 14, his first own money earned through appearances with breakdance. in 2003, he was in a contest by EMI with international selection among the best 10 songwriters. 2007 he was 2nd at the German competition SongLive”, 2008 first place at songs against the cold”. Yao Homenya today is talent scout and initiated music projects for millionways, the first helping non-profit organization”(profits finance social projects). Contact person: Hills sound / millionways, Sonja Deuter 040 20 93-222 0 fax 040 20 93 222-59 hills sound / millionways in the diamond star Musikhaus new Kamp 32 20357 Hamburg schanzensound music project-hills-sound: Hills sound is a music project in Hamburg. Hills sound is a platform for networking of any kind: publications, campaigns reinforcement (joint work) hills sound negotiations (projects, Studio, events) is an Association of artists in Hamburg and Hamburg also. Hills sound is cooperation partner of the nationwide talent Exchange millionways e.V. and millionways service contractor company in Hamburg. Sonja deuter