Brazilian Literature

The violence is an action that simply disrespects the other. It can be of order physical, but psychological or also symbolic, and the history of the humanity closely is related it, as much in the wars, as in the religions, the culture and the arts, the work of the man. Murilo Mendes standes out, for example, that nazism was one ' ' cruelty organizada' '. The violence is enemy of the freedom with autonomy, since the empire of the fear takes in them to the attack nor that is for the self-protection. In almost all the literary registers we find its presence, also, it well is demarcated in Brazilian literature in authors as Axe of Assis, Brs Cubas, Gonalves Days, Euclides of the Wedge, between as much others, arriving at our times for the literature of twine and the suffering infringed to the sertanejos peoples. Murilo reelabora Mendes in its workmanships, with its satirical vein, the past of our country, anchored to the past as form of understanding of the gift and, to understand the gift, the past cannot be disrespected, creating a movement ' ' pendular dialtico' '. It searchs representation, by means of romances, bigger composites in redondilhas, the representation of the oppressed one that it takes the word. The text is analyzed ' ' Final march of the Guarani' ' , of Murilo Mendes, where is noticed it affection of the author for the defeated ones of history? in the case, the aboriginals? , but without the idealizao of others, but with satirical eyes of the modernistas. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rio- Tinto Diamonds.

It is clearly, the all instant, the references to the Gonalves Days, Jose de Alencar and Carlos Gomes. Since the heading, the intentions of the author are perceived. The triunfal gesture of the march that of the place to the event of the destruction of the people. ' ' Deuses' ' they are the white men and its firearms.

World Wide Web

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Mini-hotels Of St. Petersburg

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Shore Excursion In Oslo

The Norwegian capital of Oslo is a favorite destination of Norway cruises. The cruise ships of owned and operated by color line are a combination of ferry and cruise ship and commuting between Oslo and Kiel. But also the Norwegian capital regular target of Norway cruises. Among cruise ships of AIDA cruises, TUI Cruises or even Princess Cruises Oslo will control in the coming year. It is very pleasant, that the city of Oslo is not more than 20 minutes to walk from the cruise ship for Crusaders. There, you can organize the shore excursion on your own. Finally there are cruise enough opportunities for guided land corridors on a Norway after Oslo. Oslo was slow”the Norwegian translation for go, joked the city guide.

His American tourists believed him, without having the slightest doubt. No wonder what to imagine such a man from Chicago or Toronto in the capital of Northern olscheichtums? But certainly not this in the leisurely routine then living city, not much Mercurial acting Karl Johans gate, even in the center of all conceivable hustle and bustle on the as a Frisian town. So it surprised no tourists when they told him, in the metropolitan area, there are still more than 200 farms and vast forests of full of wild animals. The focus of the God Haines (the explanation of the term Oslo) is no paved road, but a mossy forest. And yet the Norwegians feel not at home when they travel in their capital. Oslo, still at its temporary name Kristiania known, is so different from other Norwegian cities, so stony, poor wood houses. The symbol of the city, the modern square Town Hall, is from the fifties of the last century, and also the other magnificent buildings, the Palace of the Royal family, the Storting (the Parliament of the country) and the University are only about a hundred years older.

Alone the Akershus fortress and the old Aker Church remind us that Oslo was an important place even before the 19th century. Architectural monuments are indeed rare, but there is no shortage of monuments. When you visit the city on a Norway cruises, which are approximately 150 sculptures of Gustaf Vigeland in the Frogner Park a must. It must not necessarily be able to feel the ore-green mass movement as a great moment of art, but we must not debate with the Osloern about. On aesthetic gefestigterem terrain one moves, for example, in the Edvard Munch Museum, the modern art centre of the former. The Museum peninsula Bygdoy is a tip, if you come on a Norway cruise to Oslo. “The Viking ships, Amundsen’s North Pole ship Fram” and Thor Heyerdahl Sudsee raft “Kon-Tiki” show that the Norwegians were becoming a seafaring nation. The Norwegians on Holmenkollen have created a museum the other planks, which mean their world. At the foot of the famous ski jump, the Ski Museum documents the history of this sport and its Scandinavian special disciplines. For information about routes and prices from Norway cruises, at the specialist Nordlandkreuzfahrten24.