Upon entering the world of investments it is best that we are confident in what we are investing, being sure of what is best for us we can invest more safely. The most important to take into account variables are the risk and term of the investments. The first thing you should know is that there are different types of investment funds, but today you speak about monetary funds, which are those that invest in public debt, IOUs of companies, letters from the Treasury, etc. and the profitability of these funds is related to the term which may be:-short-term fixed income funds: are those who invest with time limits between 18 and 32 monthsthey are valued daily with market prices and it depends on the evolution of interest rates and the maturity of the assets. -Fixed long term income funds: the deadlines for these funds are more than 32 months and the profitability is inversely proportional to the valuation of the interest rate of the fixed short term income. -Equity funds: they invest up to 100% of your money in equities, that is to say that the capital is always diversified, profitability is tied to the evolution of the stock market. Original author and source of the article

History Of Independence

A year passed since the invasion of Georgian troops into South Ossetia. According to experts, today over Tskhinvali once again the clouds are gathering … History of South Ossetia as an ethno-geographical units of land Ossetia more than two thousand years. These ancient, old Georgian and ancient Armenian sources clearly indicate that Ossetian (Scythian-Sarmatian) affiliation of ancient and medieval population of the southern slopes of the central Caucasus. For example, "The Armenian geography VII century BC tells us that this area was part of early medieval Alania. Throughout its long history of South Ossetia has been largely independent of external domination, although more than once subjected to invasions by the Kartli (eastern Georgia) rulers. By the time of the establishment of the Russian administration in the Caucasus at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, Ossetia, both in the north and south was actually independent.

Although legally Ossetia into the Russian empire in the 70s of the XVIII century, it took several decades for approval in the south of the Russian administration. The actual accession of South Ossetia occurred in 1830 after the military expedition of the Russian troops under General Rennenkampf. In 1843, the territory of South Ossetia as part of the Tiflis province was formed Ossetia region, which consisted of the territory of modern Russia. The inclusion of South Ossetia in the administrative-territorial system of the Russian Empire was not accompanied, however, Russia's recognition of any dependence of South Ossetia from Georgia. Therefore, the Georgian feudal lords and princes Machabeli Eristavi attempted to achieve with the help of Russian arms control over South Ossetia, putting its population in a dependent position.

American Summit

Hence the foray into African economies, especially those that have reserves of petroleum. But this leap toward Africa is not only due to attempt to monopolize the main source of fuel for the Chinese machinery, but also to ensure the control of raw materials to sustain its economic growth of more than 10% annually, and the urban boom of cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. This growth takes its toll. The groundwater level of the subsoil sinks over one meter every year in the city of Shijiazhuang to supply to new housing of drinking water. In addition, Beijing air pollution levels begin to concern both Chinese as a foreign on the eve of the Olympic Games of 2008.

The fever for resources is not only large economies. Statements of Hugo Chavez after his verbal confrontation with the Spanish diplomacy at the last Ibero-American Summit underline the importance of resources above diplomatic, business relations and investment that can be passed into the hands of emerging economies on the lookout. The crude oil export holds part of the social programs in Venezuela, and even speculates on the formation of Cuban doctors that they exercise their profession in this country. When the borders do not surround territories with large reserves of hydrocarbons, the so-called era of the biofuels hope keeps awake in the agricultural production of crops such as soy, which has sustained the high annual economic growth of Argentina since the end of the crisis of the playard. Apart from the intention of the rich countries to maintain its level and its model of consumption, the desire of the emerging countries and impoverished by achieving them in his fictional race towards development, the natural riches have a limit. If we do not stop this Gallop blindly and tacked towards a model that makes man a being that it belongs to the Earth with which must coexist, the exploitation of resources will lead to suicide. Carlos Miguelez Periodista original author and source of the article.

Buy Multivarku

Do you want quickly and without hassle to prepare tasty and healthy food? Then buy multivarku. Unfortunately, the pace of modern life, we can not always eat healthy. Besides, cooking the traditional way, at the stove takes much time and effort, which so few have a working woman and family. "It would be nice to have a wonder-pot, which is itself all cook" – is not this a dream of every housewife? And now, with the advent multivarki this dream become a reality! Multivarka is an indispensable thing for those who value their time and want to quickly and without too much trouble to prepare tasty and useful food. Multivarka in conventional advertising does not need – it's free advertise to their friends who already bought the "wonder-pot" and has already appreciate its value. Briefly enumerate these advantages. Multivarka not for nothing called multivarkoy (many affectionately call her mistress "Multi", "multyashechkoy"), it does allow you to cook different dishes, from soup to cake.

Mulvarka has several modes: for cooking oatmeal, baking, steaming, stewing. Therefore, it much more functional than the steamer, which only allows you to steam, and the aerogrill, which is mainly intended for baking. Multivarku can be used for cooking food diet, as it requires far less oil than when cooking on the stove or oven. In addition, dietary and will be more delicious! Multivarka economical, very easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance, small footprint, easy to use. You simply add up all the ingredients in multivarku and go about their business. And you can be sure that you do not run away and not prigorit. The fact that the dish is ready, you will learn on the audio signal.

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