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These were the two questions that I started a talk to young people initiated into the difficult art of the service to the customer and which gave much to talk about and much to discuss. Click Pemco for additional related pages. As you might suspect, arose many answers to these questions. The most striking theme is that the vast majority of the opinions were reluctant to acknowledge that what defines main and first and foremost a real leader is an attitude of service. More than the views attached to the leader concept than the one who sends. As we know, they are the words with which we call things that define our system of values and paradigms. And we already know the arduous task of changing paradigms. It was for this reason that I proposed some definitions rather than impose ideas (almost loose ideas) attempts to gradually (by effusive discussion) were leading us towards the goal he was looking for as an exhibitor.

In two words, what I wanted to convey was to exert a genuine service to the customer each had become authentic leader and this It meant, in purity of truth, be a server. As I noticed that it was this last word was which was generating a psychological noise due to its proximity to servant, I chose to express outright my definition: servant is one who does what the other ordered server is one that makes the interests of the other. I contend that leader is one who has a personal influence of such a nature that he wakes up in his colleagues the need to achieve objectives of common benefit. The leader, according to this view, is a server of the highest interests of the common good. I hope that this article, I’ll be publishing more ariticulos related to the leadership in companies which we apply specifically and make changes in our interpersonal relationships and of course contacts of businesses or services that let you have been helpful. Additionally if you want to know more details of productivity tools for business you can visit the blog productivity tools where you can locate interesting articles of Coaching, management, Telemarketing, attention to the customer, and much more.

Juan Manuel Lopez

Every time they are plus the real estate professionals who consider that in the Canary Islands the fall of prices of the residential sector already has touched bottom, although, those of the commercial premises will have to become moderate still more. In fact, the rent of low has undergone a numerous fall, being the nonexistent sales. This must to the bad situation that crosses the commercial sector. In fact, every time he is more frequent to see local emptinesses in centric streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or of Las Palmas, when before, if it closed a business, soon it abra another one in his place. Simply that existed supply in the well-known street santacrucera Castle, it makes a pair of years was absolutely unthinkable. Juan Manuel Lopez, well-known managing director of the real estate one in Fuerteventura, ” The Inmobiliario” Corner; it declares on the matter: ” an immediate recovery is not foreseeable if it does not improve the use and the financing arrives with fluidity at the buyers. Apparently the sale prices have not lowered still the sufficient thing to attract investors who acquire the premises emptinesses for its operation in alquiler”.

The city planning lawyer, Rafael Linares, esteem that would be very positive that by means of municipal ordinances, gradually prohibited the implantation of businesses in height: ” If among others, sanitary businesses of all nature or offices of variable professionals would settle down in the empty premises, would be absorbed great part of the present sobredemand, removing paralelamente to the market like houses the old locations, normally with a good situation in the urban helmets, exactly where the supply escasea”. It when the tendencies of the real estate market demonstrate that the volume of sales of new and used houses is being made level, when in the last years predominated first. This must to the moderation of the price of the used floors essentially, that had gone off in the years of ” boom” and that was corrected more that the one of the new ones.