When it is spoken of England thinks about the United kingdom in a general way, is necessary to desconstruir an idea that will not be fortified in century XIX with the Imperialism to think about this Great-Britain as a great empire that never dies. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeffrey Hayzlett and gain more knowledge.. One is about an ideological vision that is brought to think of Great-Britain, being nothing more than a construction politics. If it did not have this homogeneity in the century in century XIX, evidently it did not have in century XVII with the diverse economic and cultural conflicts inside of the island. The first one was of that if these components won the war, the weakened king already would come to lose the throne and this classroom that wants to emerge as dominant social classroom to come to substitute the proper king and to restore a new form of government. Second it was shrewdness of Cromwell in becoming to perceive the following one: England is in war and way to a crisis economic politics and, but the king has a national army that, even so he does not have financial recital to be supported, is in conflict and he assists still more the weakness; on the other hand, if the Scottish and Irishans win the war can be they to come to not only take the power in England, leading the fall of the king as bourgeois the emergent ones.

The strategy of Cromwell, that is between the Common ones, is to create an Army of New Type. One is not about one real that are on to the king to defend the State, but formed army basically for excluded that they do not possess real and taxed privileges of taxes as bourgeois and the peasants. It appears in England, century XVII, a climate of participation politics and military man. this army that granted support so that the Common ones not only had effective domnios of funds, of this capitalism that started to develop, but also of being able politician.


How many of your house door? I – five. Well, if you count the front metal – then six. Once upon a time, not three hundred years ago, but just five years, we have just brought their own dwelling, and hastened to slip away from their parents. Money is not something that would was not – was not at all. Therefore, in our home from the repair appeared to selectively whitewashed walls and three doors – steel entrance and two more were in use for a toilet and a bathroom. Installation of doors, installation of doors and Technology professionalism of the craftsmen who were doing – I was then interested in the least: in a flat or decorate any damage there was nothing. From the installation of a metal door, I remember just what it desperately wanted zapenivat – saying that this was not included in the cost of services.

Then, of course zapenili because of a scandalous woman bind themselves more. Door, incidentally, still stands today. A door to the toilet and bathroom set 'lust for gain' – roughly sostrogav all that interfered closing, nailed with nails rusted hinges and erecting a prehistoric hook for the door. Everything. Repairs completed. Slowly life is getting better, I wanted beauty, not just three stools in the kitchen and a sofa in the hall on apartment in the eighty squares. We gradually began to repair the room and put the real thing, a good door. First, repairing the bedroom and the door was put there.

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Article: The devastador followed earthquake of one tsunami in Japan Robert Ramalho is journalist and studious of Geography and History the world comes following the images of the tragedy of the earthquake followed of tsunami that it arrasou innumerable Japanese cities as of Sendai that had half of its dead inhabitants and the nuclear danger in the one with the explosions in some reactors of the Nuclear Plant of Fukushima, cambaleando still more its economy that if finds in contraction, also losing for China the heading of as greater the GIP of the planet. The country of the extreme East is known by its history of overcoming the innumerable tragedies that already had abated on the country of the rising sun, also what occurred in World War II (1939-1945) with the explosion of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nakasaki, resulting in the exodus of thousand of its inhabitants who had finished come to Brazil forming strong Japanese communities. Of the land of the millenarian traditions to Meca of the technological innovations, constructing and manufacturing of everything, since simple toys until cars, passing for cellular DVDS, television sets, telephones, computers, notebooks, IPAD, etc, as well as creating modismos for young, if constituting in the home of giants of the games and strategical branches of the industry of the entertainment. According to affirmation of economic analysts of some countries, the devastador earthquake followed of tsunami that it shook the Japan and the intensification of the consequent nuclear crisis in the country can result in a loss of until US$ 200 billion for the third bigger economy of the world. However, the global impact still continues uncertain few days after enormous tsunami that it reached the Japanese northeast coast. While the local authorities look for to prevent a nuclear catastrophe in a nuclear plant the 240 km of Tokyo, economists enter the damages of the earthquake in the construction, the economic production and the consumption.