Industrial Revolution

" Art and Crafts" ( Arts and Offices in English) it is born in England, mainly in order to retake the artisan traditions and to improve the structures produced by the Industrial Revolution of century XIX, although its development took place at the end of that century, its influence extended approximately until 1930. It was characterized to have solid forms, raised ceilings, brick chimneys, arcs in the windows and wood complements. " Bauhaus" (" House of the Construccin" in German) it was developed in Germany, previous to World War II, like an industrial and graphical movement, with Greco-Latin influences and of the classic Renaissance. Natalie Ravitz often addresses the matter in his writings. Although the works are few that were developed with this expression, the same established the academic bases for the present industrial graphical design. Their beginnings date to from the year of 1919 1933, when they were closed by the Nazi party to consider them opposite to its government.

Many of their students and professors traveled to half-full North America where they continued this architectonic development until of the years 60" s, which is considered like " New Bauhaus". " Balloon Frame" (" Structure of Globo" in English), it was originated in which had North America, mainly, to the migratory swollen ones of different parts from the world that were based in the New Continent. It is characterized by the use of the wood like main element of construction, the idea was to produce more modern architecture houses to smaller costs, very slight, with pyramidal ceilings. This style, was replaced later by that used better construction equipments, like the School of Chicago, for this case, metallic, high and concise structures were used, with which buildings and safer houses in case of fires were realised. Some additional characteristics of this style, are: extended windows, concrete use and glass, installation of the electrical elevator, smooth surfaces in horizontal and vertical lines, among others.

CEO Product

" First they were the scientific discoveries that they demonstrated that it was possible to improve the cerebral function. The second was the availability of computers personal, which means that people could do his " training cerebral" in his hogar". The company, that began in a very small office with a handful of employees, has taken impulse, using now to 27 workers. When it designed the concept, the original goal of Breznitz was to create a product that improved the quality of the life of the old ones. But the CEO of the company, Amicai Bar-Nir, of 36 years, aimed at the first place of the market and took clarified that improvement more specifically: training of the conductor. The statistic demonstrates that the conductors over the 60 years are implied in more road accidents altogether, as well as in a greater percentage of more severe accidents, along with the youngest conductors among 17 and 20 years. The first commercial product of Cognifit for conductors, Drivefit call, has a model that it has like objective to the third age.

But it was that the most popular model is a program directed to conductors young people, who are being used in the great international driving schools. " We seted out to direct our product to the old ones and we were commercializing for young people and thus he is as we developed to our program for the improvement and confirmation of the cognitive abilities for which he learned to conducir" , he says Bar-Nir. DriveFit is a program strong and falsified that scientifically presents/displays a proven way to improve the abilities and capacities of which they lead. Based on examinations to lead lengths directed by prominent psychologists, the training of DriveFit reproduces and improves clearly the variable mental processes associated to lead.

Raymond Washington

History CRIPS: 1969 – not just a date on the calendar. Not just a dash on the vector of history – a deep notch, groove, indicating great changes that have occurred in the late sixties. A watershed year in American history, history subculture, the history of society. For the first time a whole generation seemed to have gone mad. Those aged eighteen, were born after World War ii, have not seen her burdens, and would not solve the problem, would not survive, but wanted to live at all coil, it is easy and carefree. Everything related to the late sixties and still successfully replicated the media as a timeless symbol of freedom: California, hippies, lsd, free love, rock 'n' roll by Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. Meanwhile, as flower children on sunny California beaches, in the gloomy cities of this state there is something no less important than the sexual and psychedelic revolution. Another young generation, only dark-skinned, forced into ghettos and deprived of the charms of wealthy and carefree life, but on no less willing to taste the freedom, generation, whose fathers and older brothers were in the ranks poluterroristicheskih-Black Panther This generation saw the future differently. Lame enemies of the aging of Japanese women in 1969, a resident of Los Angeles named Raymond Washington formed a band living in the vicinity of black teenagers in a gang called the Baby Avenues. Ray and his friend Stanley 'Tookie' Williams were impressed by the glory of the Black Panthers.