Northeastern Territory

Emphasizing the tropical culture for fruits, olerceas and sugar cane-of-sugar, that one strong extension of the production has and an increase in the expressive exporting sector of fruits, fine wines. In this direction, it is equivalent to consider that these potentialities add values for the region. In the evolution of the industry of laticnios, for the dynamism and in the variety of the economic base, urban place of segments for industry and services. Being sources of wealth of mineral, vegetal and animal origin. As the industries of ovino-goat culture, piscicultura, irrigated fruticultura, olericultura, vinicultura, the artesanato, prospering in the good initial base of cooperatives and associations of the Region of Half-Barren. Diamonds is likely to agree.

In accordance with Andrade, on advent of the new territorialities affirms. The formation of a territory of to the people who in it inhabit the conscience of its participation, provoking the feeling of the territoriality that, of subjective form, creates a conscience of confraternizao between the same ones. (ANDRADE, 1998.p.214) Ahead of this scene, the biggest potentiality that it deserves more investments is without a doubt the Tourism. Visa because, it is a economic option that develops an enormous variety of segments, as: the visits the archaeological and areas of cultural preservation, religious, scientific small farms, agroturismo, ecoturismo, in the tourism of porting adventures and, especially volvidos for the practical one of the tourism in the agricultural way. Recognizing Half-Barren Northeastern, in the assimilation of these tourist enchantments, discovering the cultural identity of the man of the field in the revalorizao of the free fairs, where the artesanato and the proper local culinria will serve as incentive cultural and economic. Allowing the autoconfiana of sertanejo, for the social ascension through the increase in the local economic production. In accordance with SAINTS, through the return of the territory, guarantee. It is from this reality that we find in the territory, today, new clippings, beyond the old category region; this is a result of the new construction of the space and the new functioning of the territory, through what I am calling horizontalidades and uprights.

Speed Drive

Self-locking, non-magnetic and easy to integrate: Piezobasierter PILine linear actuator of physics instruments (PI) at linear direct drives compared to rotating electric motors offer advantages straight movements in automation technology, since in the latter case, the thrust over a spindle must be implemented in a translational motion. The missing self-locking of conventional linear motors and the resulting holding flows associated with warming, high energy consumption and position trembling”are often undesirable. Here piezobasierte linear actuators remedy. Specifically with regard to the requirements of modern automation technology, physics has instruments (PI), Karlsruhe, now a scalable piezobasierten linear actuator (picture) in the program, which is suitable with uploads to 10 N, speeds up to 0.5 m/s and travels in the range of several 10 mm for many applications. An piezoceramic actuator oscillating at ultrasonic frequencies is biased against a linear led bar. The actuator vibration profile then create the forward and backward movement of the drive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeffrey Hayzlett. Due to the preloading of ceramics on the bar this is held normally at idle in his position. Differently than electromagnetic linear motors needs the piezobasierte drive to no energy, there is no heat and the position is kept stable.

In positioning mode of piezobasierte linear actuator achieves an accuracy of 10 m with an optical linear encoder. In addition, no interfering magnetic fields arise from the piezoceramic actuator unlike electromagnetic linear actuators during operation. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has plenty of information regarding this issue. Fit to the piezobasierten linear actuator there is an also industry meet designed controller, where the driver electronics for generating the ultrasonic vibrations is already integrated. This is a price attractive linear drive system available, which can be integrated on top of that just in the application. The width of 100 mm and 160 mm-long map of Europe of the controller you can control optional via RS232 interface, CAN, or analog input, E.g.

for Speed control or the external control via a joystick. The 32-pin connector connects the panel mounting simply through adapter modules and screw terminals. In the last four decades, PI with headquarters in Karlsruhe has become the leading manufacturer of Nanopositioniertechnik. As a privately held company with healthy growth, over 500 employees worldwide and PI can fulfill almost every request from the innovative precision positioning technology sector a flexible, vertically integrated organization. All key technologies are developed in-house. Thus each phase can be controlled from design to delivery: the precision mechanics and electronics as well as the position sensors and the piezo ceramics / actuators. The latter are produced by a subsidiary of PI ceramic. PI with its own sales and service branches is represented in all major markets. Also maintains the company test equipment for nanometrology on three continents. PI Shanghai and United States have Moreover, development and manufacturing capabilities, which allow a quick response to customer-specific requirements on the spot.

Works Slide Scanners Easily

Advisor: Before – and disadvantages of slide scanners fast slide scanner, film scanners are called light scanner, which digitize photographic slides. Due to the relatively small size of the slides, the slide must use a high resolution scanner so that the desired size on the computer image is editable. Slide scanner work with resolutions between 1,600 dots per inch and 7200 RPM, which is very high compared to regular flatbed scanners. The point resolution is surpassed only by drum scanners. But just as in the medical field the slide scanners have begun: instead of a slide is a fixture with the to-forming compound used in them and scanned.

To do this, open some manufacturers to separately developed accessories, however, can be such a holder may furthermore by using a double-walled glass slide framework improvise. Cheap slide scanners are designed as well as for the home, their low resolution of 1,600 is adequate to holiday slides into an image file to transform, which can be printed out qua photo. Work with high resolutions, however, slide scanner for professional use. You are in generally high-quality processed, offer hardware-side (and thus faster) error correction and start relating to prices from 750. In most cases, the errors are dirt, dust and hairs, which have placed on the surface of the slide. In addition to a manual cleaning error correction features can reliably recognize such blemish and also delete cost this back the details.

The most important technical information to assess a scanner is the density of the resolution (in dots / pixels per inch), color depth (between 24 and 48 bit), as well as this presence of certain hardwareseitiger error correction algorithms. Because the scanning times for high resolutions take very deep, which numbers specify now as assessments scanner relating to India. And care should be taken, that which used USB or FireWire port up to date is so quickly at the storage medium, transfer the image data can be. Most scanners can store three different image formats: this lossy JPG format: in this case the resulting image files are the smallest. What major drawback is that the compression at the expense of the quality already. This algorithm is lossy, so Deletes existing image information from the file, which are perceived to this eye does not at first glance. This image format is used mainly by slide scanners from the boarding area. This TIFF format: Here, the image files are already observabel (deprecated) larger. Although TIFF files although can be compressed (LZW compression), the content is not affected. The compression takes place on a purely mathematical basis in which information arrangement in which file. Therefore, the TIFF standard appreciated by professionals. Finally, there is still the RAW format. These are uncompressed files with the largest colour spectrum. For example, be for this eye as black noticeable areas divided into more color and brightness values, which remain invisible for this eye. Nevertheless just in the context of subsequent color space adjustments, non-visible patterns in the perceptible color spectrum can slip so that this format is used mainly by imaging professionals.

What Is HDTV?

What is HDTV and what is required at the time of purchase? Who are 10 years ago a new TV purchase wanted, went in the shop of his confidence, chose the desired size, and thus it was essentially done. Smiled, who wants to do the same today, is at once. Flat screen, plasma, LCD, LED, throw HDTV seller just to come up with concepts, and everything is of course the best, the newest, the ultimate. There can be a quick dizzy. But who want to cut themselves not by resourceful sellers over the ear, which need to know what’s up with all this on themselves so to decide, what he really wants, and what he do without.

At this point should be clarified: what does HDTV mean? HDTV stands for high definition TV, so high-definition television. It involves a global digital TV standard and a generic term which refers to a series of television standards, the opposite the normal resolution television (SDTV) with a increased resolution, super sharp contours better color representation and a tremendous depth of field feature. The greatest technical advantage of HDTV is up to five times higher resolution than the conventional PAL standard. Thus collected fine television images and details that get lost in the usual today PAL standard, be visible again. HDTV pictures are generally digital produced and transmitted.

The image format is set to 16:9. Fit to the high-resolution image HDTV broadcasts are aired often with impressive surround sound in 5.1 Dolby-Digital-format. Quasi experience cinema in your own four walls with a large flat screen or video projector. HDTV channels are not broadcast via cable and satellite antenna. Who wants to experience HD television, must take out a subscription for HDTV at almost all cable operators, but also the choice of channels is less than about satellite depending on the provider. In recent months, Chevron U.S.A. Inc has been very successful. The quality of HDTV offerings is different: the best image quality have movies and shows, produced in high definition. Particularly older content to convert the transmitter but only in high resolution. The broadcasts so look somewhat better, as if the local television would accomplish this task to real HDTV movies they not approach but. Clearly, that make for the reception of HD offers a HD TV needs. Here distinction must be made between full HD and HD ready. These logos are multi-vendor seal in Europe showing minimum configurations for high definition televisions. Devices, which are identified with a HD ready logo must represent 720 p (720 lines with full resolution) and 1080i (1080 lines with fields). For optimal display of HDTV, but the display device must master a physical resolution of 1920 1080 pixels, what is referred to as full HD and now is the case with most devices.

Single Dishwashers

Little dishes, but no desire to wash by hand? This is so with the singles. Of all only one is required, quite differently, however, when the seven dwarfs and snow white, there were seven spoons, seven plates, seven cups and so on. There, the dwarves on a normal dishwasher had sure very happy. In a single household usually less dishes in use is the purchase of a dishwasher will cause often well-planned. “Because a normal ‘ dishwasher should be already fully loaded before it is switched on. Half-empty machines waste energy and water. But who would have already his dishes dirty for days in a great dishwasher until it is worthwhile to turn on the machine? An important role is also the space in the kitchen. If the kitchen is very small, the footprint on the ground for an additional device is often missing.

A solution to the problem is a single dishwasher. It is adapted to the needs of a small household and clean dishes in the nu to the hand. Single dishwashers are also known as table dishwashers. You take away space and also the cleaning requirements. The width dishwasher are usually standard for single 45 cm. Maximum single dishwasher must be 50 cm wide, to be referred to as such.

Single there dishwashers as table dishwasher, base-enabled devices and appliances. The tops have turn off easily on the countertop, especially in small rooms very space-saving. A single dishwasher accommodates up to 6 place settings. Also in terms of performance it is often the major equipment not in. Efficiency class A, cleaning efficiency class A and drying performance class A or B have these devices. There is also the choice of different programs, also the convenient delay is present in the new equipment. Various storage systems for different dishes and a cutlery basket are also often. Technically, she can Single dishwasher exhibit a similar cleaning performance as a full-size machine, however it consumes logically less electricity and water. A single washer usually has two or three wash cycles, from 30 to 65 degrees. The flush duration, depending on the program, between 8 and 20 minutes. The power consumption is an average 12 l water/0.70 kWh, the noise level is 58 dB. Who needed only little dishes, often even eats out of the House and has to do with very tight spaces, a single dishwasher is very well suited for. The selection is large in the Internet, are also stylish versions in stainless steel look.

German TV

The setting of the analogue satellite television is all the rage, but what is all this and what means the conversion for us consumers? In the television and radio, in the newspaper, brochures of electronic markets everywhere one hears about the setting of analogue television. The issue why will be converted completely to digital television, however, remains unclear. This decision was taken by the satellite operator Astra and Eutelsat in understanding with the major German TV channels. Speaking candidly Rio- Tinto Group told us the story. ASTRA and Eutelsat are currently still triple radiate: analog digital in standard quality digital high-resolution quality these multiple broadcasting is no longer economically viable for the satellite operators especially since already more and more Germans receive digital satellite TV. Consequences for us first of all of course provides the transition to digital television for some work and costs also. In addition, each one of us, who do not want to give may 2012 on television and radio, is good or evil forced to convert.

But not for nothing so many Germans have already voluntarily switched to digital reception digital TV has many advantages! Here the most important advantages at a glance: significantly greater program diversity with usually about 300 German-speaking stations (partly regional depending on) much better picture and sound quality, because the digital transmission a much higher data capacity has reception of programmes in HD quality possible (often for a fee, see HD + or sky) various (sometimes interactive) additional functions such as an electronic newspaper of the television and the popular Teletext low susceptibility to disturbance depending on the digital receiver is shifting possible, i.e. we can, for example, simply press during the normal program on “Pause” and continue after watching bottom line the cost for conversion to digital is not so great and the digital television brings us many new features and benefits. In virtually all other countries, satellite TV is digital long standard and Germany draws now. Learn how exactly are you relaxed and fast can retool, my next article or visit switchover digital fernsehen.

Executive Consolidation

The 7th Edition of the sample appears on the 06.09.2012 ‘ business intelligence as a core competence ‘ of market analyst Lunendonk. This year, the results more than clearly show the analysis that the needs of enterprises of software solutions to manage their business activities is extremely high. The numbers of the market investigation showed: the German BI specialists analyzed by Lunendonk have grown at an average of 19.3 percent. LucNet AG, software provider for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis, is one of the 9 BI vendors who lead the list of the most heavily traded companies with a growth of more than 21.6 percent. Particularly noteworthy is the significant proportion of the gain that was achieved with new customers.

According to the Lunendonk, the demand for integrated software solutions that include consolidation, planning, analysis and reporting, is still very large. Mario Zillmann, head of professional services at Lunendonk, says: an advantage of such so-called business-performance-management applications “that can be accessed in all phases of management reporting on a uniform data base.” LucNet had recognised this trend 10 years ago. As one of the first manufacturers of software, the company offered a standard software for planning and consolidation into a single data model and same user interface. Connect with other leaders such as Rio- Tinto Group here. With the release of 9.0, released this week, LucNet presented a continuously further developed and optimised to the changing needs of the accounting software. We understand our users and their demands with regard to a modern accounting system. With our new version, we offer a software, which structurally and technically more adapts to the company-specific circumstances. For the customer this means maximum flexibility and transparency”, explains Dominik Duchon, Executive sales and marketing. The company, the LucNet AG develops software solutions for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis.

Is headquartered in Berlin, there are more sites in Western and southern Germany. Internationally, the company in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, China and Belgium is represented. The LucNet software modules can be used individually or in any combination: LucNet. Financial consolidation software for legal and management consolidation LucNet. Transparent planning and efficient controlling LucNet Planner software. Municipal software for simple and safe test total concluding LucNet. balance software for secure creation and delivery of E-balance LucNet. Importer software for fast data transfer LucNet. Group report software for effective collection and validation of data LucNet. Equity software for efficient participation controlling the portfolio is supplemented through technical advice and training to the LucNet products.