Of Washed Soul, for apaixonadamente having optimum fact and (For Silvio Broxado? reviewed article ASPA, n.9 – Assoc. Pernambucana de Atacadistas and Distribuidores – nov/dez-09) To have fulfilled, peace of spirit, pride of the conquest, pleasure in having reached, making something that much people doubted are synonymous of one of the biggest emotions that one human being can feel: to have a' ' Lavada&#039 soul; '. It was not only for the candy and sincere I cry incontido of President Lula, when of the defense of the city of Rio De Janeiro, ahead of the Organizador Committee of the Olimpadas of 2016 in Copenhagen a few days ago. ' ' Lavada&#039 soul; ' of Squid, not only it represented one to empty of abilities with a beautiful work of team, to if mounting the strategies, and joining the best talentos for ' ' disputa' ' against adversaries we fortssimos as Madrid, Tkio, Chicago. Starting for the gorgeous film of cineasta Fernando Meireles, passing for Skin, the economic endorsement of the President of the BACEN, Enrique Meireles, for the presence of the most recognized writer Brazilian of all the times, Pablo Rabbit, and even for poliglota Eduardo Breads, Mayor of Rio De Janeiro, presenting the potential of the city of Rio De Janeiro in five languages. Pure focus, quality of the work and passion, what it lacked to the others. However, nothing it surpassed the show of the emotion, the simple and direct position, without floreios, in a speech with ' ' soul of povo' ' Brazilian who President Lula placed in its uprising, loaded of a flame gotten passionate for its people. ' ' Lavada&#039 soul; ' it left clearly that the intention was stubborn, and that almost nobody bet fiche some in the accomplishment of that determined goal, that only it (s) ' ' vitoriosos' ' they had visualized and they transformed the reality.