The Concept

When we construct to all a rational logic, and about this direction I think about the concept of epistmica formation of Foucaut, imagining constructive the cognitivo process as something, we have Madness as descontruir, creating the escape of ' ' real' ' the dissolution of ' ' verdade' '. From this perspective, we have contrary Madness while to intelligible act, creating ' ' espaos' ' abstracionais in the process of construction of the knowledge, also making possible, to project themselves in an abstraction that runs away the concretude from the experience and to fall in the one production ' ' universe paralelo' ' , that is, an abstract world that if it feeds only of abstractions, looking for to inteligir themselves and to convert the reality its ilogicidade. But what it presents Erasmo de Rotterdam is an inversion of ' ' logic of the Loucura' ' , therefore it demonstrates to a disfarada reality and Madness as responsible for bringing to tona what it is hidden for the disguise. Madness demonstrating itself as antithesis of the reason, has as functionality to deny the rational, what it makes with that, having this perverted rationalism, he would be analogous to one to drive crazy, that would allow to escape of the presented simulation, through desvelar itself, therefore if the reason lack makes to it to occult the reality, when the Real already if it presents occult, it is exactly its perversion that will make with that if it displays. Madness is ousadia, it allows in them to go beyond, making with that the reality if becomes not a goal, but a simple ones to become involved itself in one ' ' another one realidade' ' , making with that here let us be launched to the platonismo, being that in the example of Rotterdam, it would be the Madness that would assume the role to rescue us of the cave of a ilusria reality. .

Socialist Government

Before becoming President of the Generalitat, Camps had been councillor, Deputy national, regional Minister and Government representative. It was not, however, a few easy early, because the fact that his predecessor, Eduardo Zaplana, retained the Presidency of the PPCV while Camps was number two resulted in a split that caused disagreements between both and the division of the party among his followers. In 2004 he was appointed President of the PPCV and is gradually freeing of guardianships and forming their own project and his team, while he managed to stop the outbreaks of rebellion in the province of Alicante, where has never ceased to exist the stronghold zaplanista led by Jose Joaquin Ripoll, provincial President of the party and former President of the provincial Council. In May 2007, he got his second electoral majority at the time who became the most voted President of the democratic history of the Valencian Community, and the following year was re-elected President of the PPCV with a 98% endorsement, that consolidated him as the leader of a formation unbeatable at the polls. By then, it had erected Camps already as one of the barons of the PP and one of the mainstays of Mariano Rajoy, to which he supported publicly the day after that it lost the general elections, and which had Gala share a friendship forged in difficult times. Reach Gurtel in this context, when the PPCV seemed unified and with an opposition unable to cough him, crossed on their way the case Gurtel, first in the form of suits that would have given him the plot of corruption.

Camps became the first pages of the covers for your phone conversations with the head of the plot in Valencia, alvaro Perez, which is rria as friend of the soul and it said that it wanted an egg, and became the first Valencian President to declare as imputed to the Superior Court of Justice de la Comunitat. It became an attack by the Socialist Government against the people of Valencia the cause and focused on the European elections of June 2009, which doubled as a plebiscite to its management the distance to the PSPV, after that in August the TSJCV filed the case. However, the partial lifting of gag unveiled new conversations that pointed to a possible illegal financing of the PPCV and placed in the center of the target at his right hand in the match, Ricardo Costa, who ended up replacing after a clash between the regional and national direction which decomposed the existing trust relationship. Camps, who called seemed to occupy the highest responsibilities, always has dndido that being at the forefront of the Generalitat is the most beautiful thing that can happen, and it has come to confess that he dreamed the day they became former Valencia President, because nobody could remove him something so beautiful as to be able to go saying many times: I was President of the Generalitat. This degree in law from the University of Valencia will attempt to prove his innocence now and refute all the terrible things that have been said against him in recent years.

I feel liberated to dnderme where appropriate these accusations, he says. With dignity, pride and honesty. Thus feels Camps, values will have to dnder in the courts.