Encyclopedia Night

What I find interesting is that still it has little, I was thinking about this. In this rapidity with that in ‘ ‘ acertamos’ ‘. – ‘ ‘ In acertamos’ ‘. The affected, feminine voice, repeats, while the insolent hand goes going up, going up 2 the supper. The flavorful food. The doses.

The relaxed colloquy and now, the motel. It parks the car. They jump. In the elevator, they go up it third floor. already is kissed with ardor, if acariciando. In the room, they undress and if they look to n the desire that grows.

The face of well defined traces if opens in a smile and Jonas sees suddenly the tooths prolongated, fine, then it smiles and for perplexity of the partner it also shows the pontiagudos tooths, grown, then, with rapidity the two bodies if separate and happen the great metamorphosis 3 Outside of the car, the taxista smoking waits the next passenger. Professional, waits, however, impacienta: – The movement today is very to devagar! It complains, in the relief in saying what it feels. Small rejection shoots the cigarette and, when raising opposite the face sees the two great bats leaving the window of the third floor of the building and that they take directions opposing. – I never thought that in a motel of luxury of these it had bats. The forms if lose in the night. Thoughtful, the man lights another cigarette. – It is each scene that happens in the night! Then, I wave to it of the citizen that leaves the motel, enters in the car and goes to take care of it. – I will have seen those creatures? It parks. – Good night. – Good night. It takes me pra Cold Water. – Certain. It can enter. The other thus proceeds and the car has left.