There is a very clear formula that will allow you to make a connection with any woman you want. It is a powerful formula that can easily be mismanaged. As improperly manipulated nitroglycerin can cause an explosion, mishandling of this formula may cause a relationship to explode in your face.In English is called the 3 L: laugh, listen, Guide (Laugh, listen, lead). Why laugh, listen, guide?This touches all three parts of a woman.Your heart, your mind and your soul.You touch your heart when you make her laugh.You play your mind when the guides. And you play your soul when you listen to it. If you can actually touch these three parts in a woman so that you make it feel good, you can easily do that he enamore de ti.

Laughter is contagious.Just smile is contagious. When someone smiles it makes you smile. The Act of smiling conveys good feelings and a positive attitude.It is the first part of our formula of love to laugh, listen and guide; and is the way more powerful to begin with.It produces an instant connection.Build a positive and happy bridge between you and her, and gives you an instant door to continue working in your magical relationship. The next stage in our formula of laugh, listen, and guide; It is listening.There is a huge difference between hearing and listening.Any person can hear the words and even repeat them.This does not mean that they understand them. Listening is not a passive activity, where you keep sitting and your ears are active.It is an active participation. People are constantly transmitting their thoughts and feelings.

The majority of people never gets in tune to listen to.When active the part of listening to our formula of laugh, listen and guide; you become a powerful force.You hear what he says and what not says.You know what you are sharing with you, and also know what is silent.You’ve probably discovered that women avoid often say. If you want to make you feel that you understand it not talk about only the things you said, but also on which does not say.Women need to feel understood.Show him that you understand it, and she will do the second connection with you. The last connection with her in our formula of laugh, listen and guide is to lead.Men are leaders by nature.It is our job to guide.I’m not saying that you have to be President or something like. What I mean is confident men are leading the talks by nature.They make the decisions.They take over and give guidance, advice and, among other things, lead.Women love confident men who are capable of guiding because it shows them that they are safe and protected.Once this third connection is made, it will be much more open with you.If you can connect three levels she may never get you out of your mind, and you will find in time that you have to do all the work.