For the wing, that the bird leads its state of amplitude, the man when it is condensed for the onrico flight, in the same sublimidade of the bird is capable to exceed the imaginary state and to construct its contentment, its joy in the installation of one ‘ ‘ superpssaro’ ‘. Transfigura poetical it of the wings in the condensation of the bird in wing, the wing in bird, the bird in being, the man in bird and being, and of the bird in dream, as well as of the man in dream, reaching the true poetical state. The man state as dream is confirmed when the nocturnal dream is the provoker of the devaneio in the poet. In this, the satisfaction of the flight reflects the immortality interpretativa one of the art, for the ousadia of the man, by means of the dream. ‘ ‘ The onrico flight is a phenomenon of the happiness, dormente unprovided of tragedy.

We only fly in dream when we are felizes’ ‘ (P. 70). The happiness is the act constructed for the conduction of the wings. In the man the wings are gifts in its imagination in order to launch it in the satisfaction ways deepest during its conviviality with the art, the beauty, its state of happiness, or imanncia for the envolvement with the sublime gift in its espiritualidade when contemplating itself before the divine beauty. ‘ ‘ God if has not limited to create birds hot livings creature and that fly in the blue one and in the cloud. He also created? for its fidiciary offices, the aerial types of the Pri, the Angel, the Slfide’ ‘ (P. 71). For the intent Slfide for the supremacy of the imagination, being a consequence of the glimpsed artistic pureness in the flight of the man.