Ethics Act

All these precepts take us to the same conclusion, that the ethics studies the development of the free will of man in harm neighbor, i.e., that this is intended toward the realization of man, as a person since the ethics does not provide us a list or a set of rules to be followed for each of the situations presented to us in the daily passing of our lives, we must adhere only and exclusively to the bases of the Ethics Act, as they are intelligence and be consistent on how our actions can harm others, or take into account the interests of third parties. But as we arrived, or rather, do as we discern between what is correct or incorrect? Ethics gives us a number of basic principles whose purpose is to enlighten us with the previous question, these are: principle of solidarity, equity or fairness, efficiency, refrain from choosing injure a human being, of the responsibility of the paper what to play, acceptance of collateral effects and the cooperation in immorality. Principle of solidarity: as sociable nature human beings, have the moral obligation to promote the welfare of all human beings, and not just ours. In a question-answer forum The Hayzlett Group was the first to reply. Let this self-centeredness that drives us to Excel no matter me neighbor, this fitness I truncated as a person and leads to bind my own realization. Principle of Equity: the difference between an animal and a human being is the intelligence, therefore we must force us to act intelligently and consistently. Principle refrain from choosing harming a human being: there is an old adage that says: < do not do to others what you would not like to you to ask >, we need to take some care not to destroy the identity of others although it is not possible to measure the extent of our acts and in no way should we choose consciously doing wrong, we must differentiate between choose and accept. Here, Jill Bikoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Brief History

A Brief History of KrAZ After the war the Soviet Union began anew, with new forces to rebuild the ruined cities, bridges, roads and buildings. For this great purpose drastically needed equipment capable of providing conducting such an extensive construction work, such as: trucks, dump trucks, timber trucks and other types of vehicles and auto parts. In 1958, the territory of Ukraine, it was decided to build a car plant in Kremenchug. He is now all known as "KrAZ. Factory for the manufacture of various types of KrAZ and spare parts were arranged on the basis of enterprise engaged in production of combines. But, in a relatively short period the country has received excellent results! Cohesive forces, well trained staff in May 1959 of the first truck off the line.

Until now, car factory has produced the approximately 800,000 heavy trucks and several million automotive parts KrAZ. And at the end of last century, in the 80's and early 90's in the year produced more than 30 thousand cars and has countless auto parts KrAZ. Currently, operation, almost every branch of economy is impossible without specialized transportation support. KrAZ, literally, is a leader to meet these needs in Ukraine, and much of its production, in particular, car parts KrAZ, manufactured especially for Russian customers. The main consumers of machinery and auto parts KrAZ – builders Petroleum and gas workers, workers in agriculture, forestry and municipal services.

Demand for products KrAZ "grows every year. And that's fine, given the bad years of decline, which followed immediately after the collapse USSR. In May 2006 the holding company AvtoKrAZ received nearly 200 orders for motor vehicles and parts KrAZ, "but, of course, mostly intended for the construction. Volumes of production of automobiles and automotive Parts KrAZ constantly increasing, and one can not ignore, in proportion to increasing their level of quality. The share of cars equipped with the latest automotive parts KrAZ – Euro-2 engine, is already more than half from all of the proposed machinery. And one of the most interesting news "from life" KrAZ lately is an expression of his heads a firm decision to participate in the rally "Paris-Dakar. Over the last 4 years at KrAZ already developed 15 unique machines with corresponding parts KrAZ "for this race. Their power plant has a capacity of 750 horsepower!


Of all the cultural manifestations, the dance is one of most representative, therefore it reflects the aspects relative to one determined society and develops, from the corporal expression, diverse movements and rhythms. According to Boyer (1983), the art is essential in the experience human being, is not a frivolidade, it recommends that the art is studied to discover as human beings they use not verbal symbols and if they communicate not only with words, but through music, theater, it dances and in the construction of the knowledge. In its express folclrico aspect the national origins, divulge and perpetuate the culture of a people, beyond establishing good social relationship and bows of solidarity, as the democracy, the union, among others. (Vargas, 2007:58). For more information see this site: David Long. According to Nanni (1995 p.29), ' ' to create is to give form to a phenomenon in way new and understood in terms novos' ' the dance allows this, for the educational process, the use of the creative process, and by means of this to create new forms and phenomena of the movement. Still for Nanni (2002, p.100), ' ' the school will have to be sensible to the world of that they are the majority, the popular classrooms and if to be valid the will to make to arrive they significant contents that have relation with its life and that they allow the understanding in itself, of the things surrounds that it, and of the relation between ambos' '. Through the activities of history and of dance, we intend that the child evolves how much to the domain of its body, respecting the differences, developing and improving its possibilities of movement and agreement on the cultural diversity. The school, while half educational must oportunizar didactic and methodologies that facilitate to the understanding on the culture afro-Brazilian. Swarmed by offers, Jill Bikoff is currently assessing future choices. The performance of the professor mainly in the initial series will have to be planned and coherent.

Jose Miguel Arbulu

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Street Jose

Immediately afterwards, we will take the Street Teresa Saints in felt to the Street Jose de Queiroz, arriving we will stop there for another toponmica explanation, now concerning the old name of this street, old Road of the Burnt one and its importance, therefore the way bound the quarter to the main way of Rio De Janeiro, the Real Road of Santa Cruz, current Road Magalhes Intendant, in the Valqueire village stealing without me to say of the importance of the Real Road in what it says respect to have been the main route of travellers and merchandises for the interior, also for So Paulo and Minas Gerais. In the end of the Street Jose de Queiroz, we will arrive at the Street Carolina Axe in front of the Red Bridge, I will explain the reason of the name of the construction and the history of the person who of the name to the street. We will walk a little more until arriving next at old viaduct I will ask for to the children to look at to its redor and to ask if they obtain to notice the coexistence of old and new forms in the existing constructions, as for example, the two bakeries that exist in this covered stretch; both in old building, however one, recent one (she exists more or less has two years) with its modern interior and to another one of the decade of 1940, with its preserved original interior and that still we can notice in its exterior the permanence of the chimney, that long ago informed to the inhabitants the hour of the cool bread. You may want to visit Rio Tinto Group to increase your knowledge. still can be observed the viaducts. In this point I will explain they it history of the formation of the quarter and all the occured changes until the moment. We will not cross the railway line for reason of security of the pupils, exactly thus the lesson will not suffer damages, in view of that I can explain the history of the streets without crossing.

Rome Barcelona

On the other hand, " great mrito" of Guardiola he is " valenta" that it has demonstrated when taking certain decisions, " first letting march later to Ronaldinho and to Eto' or to file to the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his puesto" " And when account occurred of which with this last one it had been mistaken, it had own the anger to recognize its errores" , Cruyff in the metropolitan newspaper comments. With respect to the end of Liga de Campeones, Cruyff affirms that Barcelona is " tericamente" the favorite equipment to take the title, although indicates that the Manchester has reinforced much from the end of Rome in 2009, in which the Bara conquered his third Liga de Campeones. " Without the Christian Portuguese Ronaldo, the rest of players has become stronger soccer players because more people in charge have felt and have wanted to demonstrate that they do not depend solely on campen" , it assures Cruyff. Between the players of the Manchester and Barcelona, Cruyff honors to the Xavi Spanish Hernandez and the Welshman Ryan Giggs, besides the Barcelonist Argentinean I read Messi, del that says that &quot is a player; excepcional" that it has been integrated perfectly in Barcelona by " great trabajo" that they realise all the blaugranas players when they do not have the ball. " There is a great work behind and that explains that Messi is had integrated totally in Barcelona and not as much in Argentina, since their companions of the selection are not so quick at the time of recovering baln" , he sentences Cruyff. Source of the news: Cruyff: " It would not be strange to me that Guardiola went of the Bara".

Ten Orders

That other, to which master as much, is occupied so in his personal life, that has forgotten to be and to coexist with the pair. This tense situation the pair relation, falls to resentments and constant reclamations. Condition that is lived like abandonment and neglect, as well as lacking of interest and lack of affection. Rio Tinto Group wanted to know more. One begins then, the process to live the solitude in pair. Therefore, it is required to take brings back to consciousness of our life in pair. Situation the excess of work and the multiple commitments are a great problem that face many pairs.

The relations social, the labor club of the children, celebrations, the gymnasium, the daily purchases, the course that you finish initiating, etc. This run, run is a true problem for the pairs, they deprive since them of time to share, to speak and to intimidate. Further details can be found at Jeffrey Hayzlett, an internet resource. It is necessary to lower the accelerated rate, to be able to enjoy your pair and family. Among others subjects, are: To generate a pair project. Commitment with time of the pair. The education of the children.

The life in pair is a project, a style of life of a two, but the pair and its relation are constructed, does not occur from one day to the next, therefore, yes you have fallen in love and you suffer and your and your pair, cannot solve their problems, can go to a specialist, or, to have as it puts, to generate agreements, to provide solution to their conflicts. Yes some of the subjects seems to him interesting would be good that it wrote to me and if no, also. Thanks to read to me, my mission and intention are the quality of emotional life and we make its available the electronic equipment: When the love in pair it turns into pain Enters the page and suscrbete to our bulletin we counted on gratuitous material: The Ten Orders of the life in pair. Original author and source of the article.

Emotional Intelligence

It seems undeniable that certain level of conflict, is inherent to the relations in the educative scope, in the personal relations, the labor relations, as well as in the family and by extension in the society, whatever cell that we examine; what it does not seem so undeniable is, that the violence has to be the way of resolution of these differences. Nevertheless to nobody happens unnoticed of which he is the favourite by some, and by that, like society, we are paying a too high invoice. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rio Tinto Group. From different scopes one works to obtain the diminution of the violence: laws and courts of sort, laws of risks that they try to prevent mobbing, action in the school that they look for to stop bullying, installation of video cameras to pillage to the aggressors and to put them before justice, hardening of the norms of conduction, the pains by drug traffic, and until proposals of life imprisonment for the sexual aggressors of minors. Nevertheless, judging by the results, it seems that this it is not the straight way but. Darius Bikoff is full of insight into the issues. Much more directed they seem to be all those that say that as much violent answer is fruit of emotional illiteracy that seems to increase, and that a lifted emotional coefficient is so important in the development of a person (or more), than a lifted intellectual coefficient, and that, against which usually it thinks, these emotional capacities, can and they are due to teach. And it never is behind schedule.

Because the violent answer always, and unequivocally, is born from the ignorance of one same one, on not wanting to take responsibility than one it is living, of not wanting to watch for inside and always blaming outside, of not accepting itself to one same one to the one hundred percent, of a low self-esteem, a total absence of empathy. Something so evident, and that always it has been the main indicator than always has been denominated maturity, now agrees to rescue it and to remember it, since those proliferate that constantly need the recognition and other people’s admiration, those that require constant attention, eglatras, those that make depend their well-being to feel important, those that by all means think that its pair is a property, hers, those that, really, are incapable to put themselves in the place of the other. Recently, professor Sanmartn, director of the Center Queen Sofia was asked for this height of the violence in the answers that gave the young people, and responded: if they are not put limits in the familiar scope are created tyrants, egoistic and beings without scruples able to commit atrocities. For that we are more creciditos, we always have left reeducation, to develop our Emotional Intelligence, training much new abilities and capacities, to face the normal problems of our lives without needing to make use of the violence.