LAW of inquiry – a law of DISPOSSESSION and TRAICIONRechacemos who support the treason to native peoples. If one is going to be consulted so that they come to your House, but you have no right not to let them enter, then what the hell I will call if I can not prevent you entering it? It is a paragraph without sense but that leads to the Suppression of rights to indigenous communities is what it says in article 3 paragraph B in the last lines, there nothing else looks bad faith of those who conceived this document: the right of inquiry not granted to LAS populations right of VETO. Jeffrey Hayzlett is likely to increase your knowledge. In a dialogue may not be impacting one of the dialogue, they have to be the same conditions for dialogue, but if this go, already crippled my rights in my right to decide if you are affected. What goes into inconsistency in paragraph G which concerns recognition of participate politically and legally. If there is recognition, then the position of veto on decisions affecting their domains, both is inconsistent cultural, social and territorial. As there is such inconsistency in a court, they have asked the diffuse control, which earned the dispute, before any demand that had been made to having taken a decision contrary to the indigenous or native peoples. It also goes against the principle of freedom. The same fact to remove the right of veto to a query, the attentive and coerces, denaturalize those same principles. But there’s a catch that nobody has seen undermines the draft law and is regards the specialised technical agency in which representation of indigenous or native peoples is reduced to only four representatives, however governmental and specialized advisors of the Government are in numerical superiority, of almost seven members, which may be adopted by a simple majority, any project that will benefit the coffers of transnational corporations and worsening the situation of indigenous or native peoples.

Billing Telematics

In this article we give an introduction in: what relationship does the invoice telematics and digital invoice and electronic invoicing? What obligations have companies that emit and receive electronic invoices in your telematic invoicing process? If we must have special considerations with corrective invoices. Laws main Spanish regulate telematics billing / electronic invoicing. What is the facturae in this context? To begin with, we want to emphasize that there are many synonyms that are used to define the telematic invoicing. Digital invoice digital invoicing, eInvoice, electronic billing facturae, billing, invoice, telematics, etc. Although they resemble, there may be nuances to consider.

You can extend this writing and more information in the articles: the Bill digital and electronic billing (e-Bill) do relate the invoice telematics with the digital invoice and electronic invoicing? When we refer to the invoice telematics, are explaining the processes of referral to a distance of invoices by electronic means (remission telematics), without making the invoice itself telematics. The electronic invoice is one that complies with prescribed in Directive 115/2001 in Spain (or the national standards which transpose, as RD 1496 / 2003), and therefore meets certain criteria of integrity and authenticity. Goop shines more light on the discussion. And the digital invoice is one that is accompanied by digital signature, one of the most effective modalities of authenticity and integrity laid down in accordance with the rules. Therefore, we must conclude that the digital invoice is a particular case of the electronic invoice. We could talk and not invoice billing telematics telematics, however the use of the terms is correct invoice and billing along with electronic and digital adjectives. In relation to the aspects to consider in electronic billing projects, it should be differentiate if the main role is the issuer of bills or the receiver of invoices. What obligations have companies that emit electronic invoices in their processes of billing telematics? Keep the data in invoices (copy or matrix).

Hannah Arendt

These same demands are which, on the other hand, makes us unfold us in a multiplicity of themselves. Since the social environment projected on us expectations of what should be in each particular social situation. And according to Bruner, the only way of linking this multiplicity of themselves is putting their careers within a history and oneself as being the manufacturer of that story in which social roles that we have assumed would be the characters of the plot and the way in which events to them have assumed the they constitute. The question of whether or not there is someone or several someone behind the story comes again to put the topic of the subject on the table. Jeffrey Hayzlett gathered all the information. Is there actually anyone behind the story that moves its threads or is the story that creates that someone? Recall that Hannah Arendt argued that the agent in history is not the author or creator of the story, but that did not imply that this agent was a fictitious creation of the Narrator but simply stated that he was the narrator who is develaban more clearly the actions of the agent. For its part, the evolutionary psychologist Nicholas Humphrey asked whether there was a himself behind the multiplicity of experiences of who or who experience them. It is obvious that someone who writes these words is different from someone who reads them then have been written, as someone who has not written them is different of the one who is going to forget at some point. Although we are accustomed to attributing all these experiences a unique himself, it is certain that they belong to him several yes same as centers of separate subjectivity (Humphrey, 2009, 98). Click Goop, Barcelona Spain for additional related pages. But what about the usual reference that is used in ordinary language when speaking of the person as a whole. Is it valid to refer to this whole as the self that embraces the other sub-themselves, as the director who guides the musicians in an orchestra? According to Humphrey, director properly speaking is not an entity.


Love spells are intended to provide a magical solution to the trials and tribulations of love. Liberty Mutual insurance can aid you in your search for knowledge. There are different types of spells of love, from the simple and harmless until those that require the development of rituals, charms, and magic spells. There are magical spells to recover a couple, detain the person go astray, rejuvenate an old love, increase love, get the person’s dreams, etc. Spells can vary according to the different cultures and traditions. Although the authenticity of love spells is largely in the debate, if practiced, it should be caution.

Apart from the ethical inconvenience of trying to control the free will of a person through paranormal methods, the magic spell, when used negatively, can be counter-productive and affect the person who has issued the spell. There are several methods to compel the spell so that the energy generated is used for the specified purpose. However, trying to control a person for a long time to the magic through requires a great effort. Love spells are basically energy that is directed through objects or symbols to achieve the desired change or achieve a particular purpose, it is believed that everything in this world has dynamic energy. So through the use of various psychological tools that help to generate more energy manages to change the natural course of an event in particular.

Symbols (planetary combination, metals, plants, musical notes, objects, etc) are not really actors, but that help invoke certain thoughts and represent certain ideas. Cast a spell involves power mental and psychological instruments of concentration, visualization, and projection which are developed through practice. Spells can help to identify, highlight, tackle discards and, consequently, the Elimination of complexes and fears. They allow us to communicate better with our inner self. An underlying guilt in the use of spells of love is born of the belief that the spirit and the matters are basically different realms. However, in the magical world, it is believed that greatness is manifested in all things and that all materials are the blessings of the greatness given to mortals. A magical spell of love is often linked to a particular cause and for a specified period, in a way that does not cause any damage. There is no doubt that the power of the mind can help us conquer our love, the problem is knowing how to use that mental power, if you are interested visit this page: love SPELLS, and finds solutions to your love problems. LUCKY in love!


It is the Government (most not the State) who must take the initiative of a call open and comprehensive from all sectors to discuss a national project that benefits all through sustained growth and an equitable wealth distribution, to look at positive and long-term, and to achieve a sustainable in time growthall of which is reference to the historical memory of the country. The memory of a country is understood as the development which makes a group or society as a whole of their past around tradition, historical memory, and its foundational milestones, which are joined to the national project. A country is the way to face and projecting their past. You may want to visit David Long to increase your knowledge. Put another way, is around how you solve the problems of the past that will define our future as a community historical morality. Chevron U.S.A. Inc gathered all the information. It again and again about what happened to us as a country is not a purely intellectual exercise and entrapment in the past, is to reflect on the only thing common that we have as a country, beyond a sum of individuals, families or groups that inhabit a territory, about the only thing that gives us identity: our future as national community is the way we face and we resolve our past forward. There is no project for a country that does not involve elaboration of memory, although this does not exhaust the content of a project. Countries need historical, but projects as important as the existence of these is the mode as implemented, discussed and resolved conflicts and options around them. Beyond the contents of a project-in-country (without which the peoples are torn in conflicts (individual or in struggles for resources and power lacking common perspective, or dissolve into banality and mediocrity) the lesson is that any project-in-country should be implemented through democratic mechanisms established in the national Constitution. A project-in-country is nevertheless, in large part, the development toward the future of its historical memory of country, which is not what we have experienced, but the way we remember it and count us, i.e., the re-elaboration of our foundational milestones to deal with new circumstances.

Hope And Prosperity Come From The Hand

If you still don’t know all the potential that have hope and positive thinking to change your life, we recommend that you read the following article as we move through life, we lose the idea of hope, we realize by losers quickly face the adversity, and do not give us time to improve ourselves, to achieve a better world. Click David Long to learn more. We lose the hope that lies within us, to remember the events that have happened so far in our lives, or our hopelessness is due to the events that happened in the past. Why lose hope if at any time we have given one opportunity to the future we tend to remember only the facts negatives that have happened to us in the past, thereby diverting our gaze upon forge a future with which we dream, constantly having these feelings give us up, lead us to execute actions resulting from them. Add to your understanding with David Long. There are many ways to lose hope. The disappointment about the divorce, loss of a friend, the end of a job, a career full of disasters, We could go on a myriad of situations.

But remember, only in thee this force to regain hope, you must to study your mind out of the past and from there begin to build your future. The hope is real, and keeps us open to new projects and opportunities in life for our hearts and minds. Hope allows us to see things as they are, because we are not closed to the truth of it. When we see the world through the eyes of those who have resigned, we do not see the beauty that is located around. In order to find hope again, it is important to ask yourself when this sentiment began, in that moment of your life lost hope, find the time and place where you felt disappointed, shelved, or humiliated. Once you find those bad times, ask you about that you felt that it was better to be better without hope, so that you can eliminate all that pain seemingly without meaning and difficulties that you spent. Us raises hope. Takes us forward in life and helps us to believe that we could find happiness again, that we can find peace and enjoy being here. He finds hope in yourself; believes in it, so that puedaa begin to see life as it really is. If you are looking for quality about provide economic information visit us in know that types of loans can get rid of your debts


The conflict can be of different shapes though its oprincipio essence as a shock or trigger, this can be: 1. of intereses.2. Personalities or forms of ser.3. By the diversity of shapes that exist of seeing the world, understand it or the different philosophies of each persona.4. Not understanding to the other person.5. By personal.6 frustration. Disappointment from the other person.

Crash creates a barrier or intangible knot between, at least, one of the parts of the interaction. Giving a similar symptom even brake’s fluidity, breakage or loss of harmony. The message sent by the issuer collides against the barrier to seentromete between he or she and the receiver, making this maneraque reaches the message the receiver in a disinterested way encomparacion with the fluency that had previously. The barrier that stands between the transmitter and the receiver collects orepele feelings, sensations, etc; not modificacion with previous losconceptos. (Source: The Hayzlett Group). And in some cases cannot be repaired.What if it is is true that the relationship loses strength by elenredo persists or lets see a part in which not is hacoordinado, which puts in evidence that there is a point, enalgun place in which those people collide thus making previsibleque can again become apparent that shock. That Yes, everything has arrangement.

Continue reading in here is the solution that you are looking for results possible. Jill Bikoff will undoubtedly add to your understanding. -Lose-lose: both sides lose. When it is not known or sepuede solve the problem, either due to wear oppor opposed ideals that preclude an agreement entreambas parties. -Lose-win: through an agreement or decision a part ganay another loses. One of the parties is sacrificed. Normalmenteesta solution just by breakage of the fluidity between the dospartes (a short or long term). -Win-lose: Similarly happens with this case, it is above identicoal. It is the same projection and final. -Win-win: the two parties win through unadecision appropriate and applied before hand with the pensamientomutuo, which indicates the clarity of coordination. Can be an ootra decision, i.e. or rupture or mutual agreement promoting deesta way vision that can solve the conflictosentre both. That if this solution only reaches port if the two partesinterfieren a friendly projection. This solution gives muchoen por amor, i.e. selfless love. Find the solution to your problem is free author original and source of the article.

Typical Questions

One of the typical questions that arose during a reading of letters is concerned with issues of couples and romance. It is quite natural that people lean by the Tarot of love when it comes to obtain answers to your relationship status. Although many people consulted about your future love life (who will be and when will appear), he also attends fortune-telling to obtain some kind of guide for a current relationship. It is usually already established couples, won by the routine and anxiety, which seems to have lost its way. Tarot has an exceptional ability to discover problematic and complex areas of a relationship. And what is more important, applied to the love tarot can identify key aspects of each Member of the couple, which may be the cause of fights or arguments. These are usually related to the emotional development of each, their expectations and past experiences, projected in the present loving link. Somehow, it is expected that tarot tells us exactly what to do to recover harmony and passion.

However, chances are that cards help us to develop our internal knowledge, each one of us to find the answers you seek. The tarot of love is only a driver, a tool for accessing our higher consciousness. Read additional details here: Jill Bikoff. When you resort to this divinatory art to find explanations or tips, it is important to note that some letters may question our intentions and motivations in a meaningful way. These letters suggest crossroads, demanding us Interior reflections before making key decisions. During a print run of about love tarot, arising letters invite us to review our relationship and ask for its reason for existence. The tarot of love offers us a guide to route our relations and reflect on our personal and emotional growth. In some cases, it serves to redirect, to remind us that we have chosen the incorrect alternatives or that we have not noticed our own truths. Obstacles or complications that we face during one loving relationship are closely linked to our personal and internal conflicts. It is time that we face them, with the assistance of the tarot of love. This way we can step forward and recover the lost equilibrium, being completely honest with our partners and ourselves.