In the City hall of Passo Fundo Coffee of Kettle it is not For All! In the public service one expects that sectors function of impartial form. In if treating to expedient, we understand the necessity of adequacy face to the activities diversified between sectors that depend ones on the others. He fits to the secretariats and its respective secretaries to give to its coordinators autonomy to decide on subjects, that even so seeming insignificant, can come to cause a great one ruin! if still thus will not be capable to decide these teeny crises, that leave its hangers Or better, positions! The fact most recent was the disbandment of employees to participate of a colonial coffee in the headquarters of the SIMPASSO (Municipal Union of Passo Fundo), in commemoration the week farroupilha. Until there all good. However, the team of the nucleus of workshop ahead of the threat to have its deducted hours in case that it became gifts to the confraternizao event, had preferred to accept the order and to remain in its sectors. They add it this fact, others that occur successively mining desestruturando the system. Soon after, congregated in favor of the same cause a group of ten employees they had been directed until the room of the Secretary to display its feelings in search to understand the reason of the differences, they had been received, or better, if they had ahead placed Mr. Secretrio, who without having as, heard there exactly, in foot the complaints of those employees, who only want are to have guaranteed its rights! We believe to be joust the claim. Unjust it is to deny them! the party continues if leaving Worse it is it makes that it in alone way. Jose Berton Journalist and writer