Forchtenstein Castle

In addition, it is now long since proven that the Bible/Torah not the creation of the world or the first people Describes, but the attempt is that the Israelites – and no others – the (legendary) 12 sons of Jacob emerged from tribes, to ascribe a Genesis. Semitic family is so not the “creation” of humanity, but the legendary beginning of history of one and there whose roots dated back simply optical reasons up to the alleged creation of the world. (Similar to proven”the Esterhazy and other gender its numerous ancestors.) In a gallery of ancestors from paintings to fictitious persons in Forchtenstein Castle / Bgld. / osterr. far back these phantom ancestors also on Adam and Eve!) In the Torah/Bible, which supposedly should be been composed by Moses, places are called, long didn’t exist at that time and even money is mentioned, that was only known from the 7th century BC. A clear proof of the fact that the books of Moses centuries later (and therefore not Moses) authored were, as these terms and places were well known. Adams Sons were supposedly already settled farmers and cattle breeders – what is seeking an absolute impossibility for ‘first’ windfalls and root chewing ur people. Eva was allegedly brutally together with Adam because of a child’s disobedience and without indulgence of this Semitic God of vengeance by the home of only four first sold during the fratricide Cain,”people (25% of the population) killed one of them, impunity came and even in the land of nod alien (where that just came from?) Women found that he could establish a town there! (Gen 4 16/17) Although there was around, to Adams third son Seth, traveled to Muslim teaching shortly after creation of the world, in the Arab town of Mekka(!) be, still supposedly no other people without to build knowledge and skills to the Kaaba.

Catch Him And Keep Him German

The German version of “Catch him & keep him” in the review of dating and relationship expert Christian Carter made already with his book “Catch Him And Keep Him” in the English-speaking world for the overwhelming feedback. The German version of “Catch him & keep him” is already doing a similar triumph. Of course, many prospective buyers wondering whether the Advisor is also holding what he verspreicht. Finally, not all of these digital goods (eBooks and co.) are worth their money. The maker of the Advisor Christian Carter, does not count to but which make empty promises or fast on the euro are out. For many years, operates Carter a hugely popular “dating advice” platform for women and is the subject of flirting and attraction relationship committed to 100%. In addition to his many books, Christian Carter holds life seminars, which are usually just a few weeks after the announcement. You get so much “Catch Him And Keep Him” German In the eBook “catch him & keep him” and Christian Carter in his theories and practices underlines how important it is to attract the man of his dreams in a natural way and largely to waive the application of physical stimuli.

This, according to the author, many women would squander their chance for a long-term relationship with the man of her dreams. Human interest and natural attraction can buy is rarely physical “investments”. Through his extensive research, years of experience and numerous polls Christian Carter has acquired a profound knowledge treasure, which is presented in “Catch Him And Keep Him” (german) easy to understand and practical. In terms of psychology, communication and body language, Christian Carter (several years of study in ethology) impressively proves its expertise and ensures affirmative nod when the reader or listener. Of course you can decrypt the game of love and attraction can’t be 100%, but still there are tricks, tricks, and techniques that every woman can learn your love and relationship life on the road to success. The success proves right Christian Carter: the author as a renowned expert on dating and natural attraction far beyond the country’s borders is now known. His counselors, live seminars, audio and video programs have many women helped to obtain a fulfilling love life, to eliminate fears and self-doubt, their attractiveness to the partner stabiliesieren and bind the man of their desires in a natural way itself. Enrico Mertin

A Parade Brings Changes – Berlin Relocation

Who knows not the efforts that a move can bring? Who knows not the efforts that a move can bring? No matter in which country or which city a spatial change associated mostly with much stress and troubles. Especially when there is a large budget, a moving company can be ever. Because mainly furniture and other valuable things definitely should reach safely their new hometown. But also within a town a moving company should be asked to help. Who seeks such a move Berlin, which should look once in the Internet for the appropriate offers. Many companies around the theme of moving Berlin represent namely now over the Internet.

The new media not only help that can get an idea about the company of the customer, but can also cause that prices be compared more easily. Often there are moving Berlin also reports on the Internet, to the point that a or help other people certainly can. Overall shows a Look on the World Wide Web, however, that almost all movers in Berlin about a reputation may enjoy and fair and professional assistance of the order of the day are. Move Berlin, it should be remembered that the city alone is thirty kilometers in diameter. That should allow long times in the car who so believes that the various boxes and pieces of furniture with the car easily from one place can be transported to another place, definitely.

At a parade in Berlin, the nerve should be saved however, and time is real in many cases. Many people have to move that often during their working hours or have insufficient vacation. A professional movers can so greatly simplify this move of Berlin. Who early deals enough with this topic, which can also save money, attract as many providers with discounts.

Gold Price Is Approaching The Mark Of $ 1,400

Fair traded Gold takes into account human and environmental. Connoisseurs of commodity markets take into account the special role of precious metals in the international trade. Some wonder whether we are in a phase of, where suddenly the Western financial system around the ears flying us on November 5, 2010. Aside from fluctuations, price of gold located in US dollars since 2001 in a continuous upward trend of approximately $250 to currently just under $ 1,400 per Troy ounce, which is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams. The value of the US dollar has fallen since 2001 to 18 percent of its original value as a result. And exactly which mainly expresses the gold price development.

The possession of unmet paper money and unfunded securities leads to gigantic losses and in extreme cases to a total loss. This is often caused by a currency reform deleveraging authorities and banks at the expense of investors and savers. For months the subject of “Currency reform” carried in addition to other countries especially in Germany very intensively in the media and controversial deals. Precious metals to protect against such a loss. This confirmed the story of humanity for millennia. Impact of monetary policy of the Federal Reserve temporarily could be justified the price increase from the decline in the value of the US dollar. A comparison of both curves shows that the gold goes its own way since November 4, 2010. Apart from a break in June 2010, the gold price in euros has stagnated since August in the area less than 1,000 euros.

Also this is different since November 4, 2010. Overcome is the trademark of 990 euro. While the Federal Reserve more and more dollars in circulation, without considering the medium-term and long-term effects, there is a range in the world of gold that exists away from short-term and long-term changes on good basis.

Jutta Schutz

That hardens off.” “JS: tell your family and your friends about this explosive book?” “MH: my wife and my friends, acquaintances and colleagues have me repeatedly urged to seek a way to publish my manuscript.” “JS: there will be a continuation of BIGGI?” MH: BIGGI was born in 1960 or 1961. It is so today around 50 years old. I will investigate in to what extent she has experienced exciting today, what would be worth on paper. Who knows?” “JS: which book projects are you currently working?” MH: Currently I’m working on memories of my family and my relatives shortly before the war of the second world war on the island of Rugen. “In addition I plan some interesting stories from my previous 42-year service time as a police officer very much interesting happened.” JS: Serious changed since your time in the custom until today in the prostitution? MH: basically has themselves for millennia, not much changed. There are always little things. Today, there are mobile phone and instead of heroin usually cocaine.

Only German prostitute were at least in Braunschweig and today are the women internationally. Also changed the nationality of the pimp. There were early German loaded, then Turkish men and German Russians came. To my knowledge, the Albanians today are the leading group. A new type”is to force women into prostitution by the loverboys” preferred in the Netherlands.

Here 18 to 20-year-old young men, girls at the age of 14 are striving to get 16 years as a friend, then sleep with them and the great love to play them. After first intercourse the girls for sex with older men for money but now brutally forced and led to prostitution so. In the meantime, first cases in North Rhine-Westphalia are known. Also BIGGI was only over a long period of prostitution.” JS: Mr “Herrmann, I wish you continued success for your book projects and thank you very much for the interview.” Who book BIGGI In the shadows of the night”(tredition-Verlag, Hamburg) would like to know more, can learn in the Publisher or on the author’s website: copyright: by another / Schaumburg news. Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form). For more information


Does advertising on your website? Mancheiner, which has an own homepage and with much care over the years, knowledge about his hobby has gathered and placed on the Internet, wonders can possibly earn something by the way thus or recover at least its cost. Many affiliate programs advertise with the ability to place ads on your website and to earn money. Is it really as easy as is popular to suggest? Worth it? What pitfalls are there? Eva Schumann, the operator of several small Web sites, various affiliate programs – partly over the years tried – and reported their experiences. The following partner programs have been tested and described the experience: Amazon (Commission-based affiliate) Google AdSense (dynamic pay per click) affilinet (primarily static remuneration per lead or sale) direct advertising contracts with time-based compensation verdict: worth the effort does not in any case and the money is rarely easy deserves. It comes up the theme of the Web site (and whether advertisers with a budget for the topic at all), the number of visitors or the knowledge, to improve them, as well as on the appropriate affiliate program. In addition, there are some considerations to keep in mind, so it is a trouble with the IRS, or the lawmakers or is enforced by a “competitor”. Who wants to earn money with his hobby website, needs a further and very time-consuming “hobby-horse” pick up in most cases, to generate profitable advertising revenue, – the full range of online marketing. The detailed report about the partner programs – experiences, tips, traps etc. at money /…

Georg Ehrmann

Censorship is the State interference with freedom of expression. Of two German dictatorships have exercised excessively. Stop signs before padokriminellen pages, which arise on the basis of a federal law and will be organized by the Supreme police authority, represent no measure of censorship. There is no fundamental right to unimpeded access to “child pornography” sites. Also no reason right, quite State-legitimated restrictions to accept if this will protect the dignity of victims of gender-based violence.

The human dignity of the victims, however, has according to article 1 of the Basic Law constitutional. Stop signs are bypassable, tech savvy so as red lights just be run over by many. Traffic signs will therefore be abolished? The tech-savvy or the Kernpadokrimenelle will find new ways. The debate involves Internet locks but the more unbiased. The State is required to set an example and to take all measures for which there is a social consensus.

In one of the German children’s aid in June 2009 in a representative survey commissioned by TNS infratest policy research more than 90% of the population advocated the access impediment Act. It goes to Accessblocking and not to the introduction of censorship. The new simplified and shortened formula in the debate is “Delete instead of locks”. Both are right: delete as quickly as possible, and where it goes and also the locks. Dealing with uncertain or incalculable at the locks not some hypothetical. It is an instrument which is used for more than two years in other countries. UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Italy have built a structure of censorship, by which troublesome content or copyright infringement be deleted, or tracks. The position of the industry is unique. It involves economic interests. It is up-to-date, hotel tax or business leaders exert their influence in politics always jets nuclear consensus. In the fight against the despicable form of Crime may not be observed. There is just the industry, which recorded the highest growth rates and the largest growth market, the responsibility for these crimes. That involves the organized resistance the interests and the money of the companies of the Internet economy, should finally be made clear in the debate and not be obscured behind censorship and false concepts of liberty and debates. Accesblocking is only a building block in the fight against Padokriminalitat on the net, no more but also no less. It would be regrettable if no power locks are introduced because of this debate only in Germany. “To repeal legislative initiatives such as the access impediment Act would be – especially in the light of the Advisory in Brussels framework for protection against sexual violence in the Internet – a step backwards and an irresponsible national single handedly. The Federal Minister of Justice is required, the law already adopted by the German Bundestag and signed by the President after a thorough examination to implement”, RA Georg Ehrmann, Chairman of the German children’s aid, on the edge of the hearing in Berlin. For questions 0160 is Georg Ehrmann, Tel. 364 56 85 available. For more information on this subject, also on our portals and company description the German children’s aid is the national children’s charity, which nationwide without government money aid projects promotes and takes position as independent lobby for children as well as on regional and federal level accompanied legislative procedure. Company contact: German child aid E.v. Georg Ehrmann ship baby d 40 d-10117 Berlin Tel: (030) 24 34 294-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: German child aid E.v. Julia M. Hofmann Schiffbauerdamm 40 10117 Berlin Tel: (030) 24 34 294-0 E-Mail: Web:

Yao Homenya

“Also the award-winning films on a DVD are published, shown in Hamburg cinemas and other reconnaissance work in the sense of the European year for combating poverty and social exclusion” used. The singer Yao Homenya about the motivation for his song: “homeless people are our neighbours. They’re there. Look the other way does not change. On the contrary.

It is cruel to look the other way. The least we can give these people’s compassion and respect. Especially homeless women often ashamed. They get back a piece of their self-esteem, if they are greeted and smiled at”. Manu, the actress in the movie clip lives a confident on the road.

Nevertheless, she knows all the gruesome side of the road. Manu was willing to give the song her face so that the video for the song shows a homeless woman, who can decide this not clear due to drugs or mental confusion. The song also stands for all the others, who have to decide for yourself. These are the excluded as well as the exclusionary. Background – about Yao Homenya: Yao Homenya is three cultures. He was born as the son of a doctor from Ghana in the Ukraine and a Russian pianist. He was awarded the third stamp in Germany, where he by young grew up. With 9 years already knew that he wants to write music and songs. At the age of 14, his first own money earned through appearances with breakdance. in 2003, he was in a contest by EMI with international selection among the best 10 songwriters. 2007 he was 2nd at the German competition SongLive”, 2008 first place at songs against the cold”. Yao Homenya today is talent scout and initiated music projects for millionways, the first helping non-profit organization”(profits finance social projects). Contact person: Hills sound / millionways, Sonja Deuter 040 20 93-222 0 fax 040 20 93 222-59 hills sound / millionways in the diamond star Musikhaus new Kamp 32 20357 Hamburg schanzensound music project-hills-sound: Hills sound is a music project in Hamburg. Hills sound is a platform for networking of any kind: publications, campaigns reinforcement (joint work) hills sound negotiations (projects, Studio, events) is an Association of artists in Hamburg and Hamburg also. Hills sound is cooperation partner of the nationwide talent Exchange millionways e.V. and millionways service contractor company in Hamburg. Sonja deuter