If they lived so well, if they had in the land what it was necessary, because they had not preserved? R: Good, it did not depend very on people, with the coming of the tourists, the caboclo saw the possibility of profits and he did not imagine the problems that this would cause, the tourist or as we called the ones that came of it are, ' ' animal of the Goiaba' ' they did not have the same linking with the nature, perhaps for not depending on it as in, then they did not give importance, did not respect nor took care of of the nature. Of this form they depredated and they destruam. It speaks on these depredations. R: Forest fires and roados in order to clean lands pra construction of its houses, same construction of a is situated near the border of more almost than inside of the sea. They hunted at the time wrong, all caboclo that if preze must know that in the summer if it cannot hunt, therefore the majority of the females are ' ' prenha' ' or dealing with the younglings, and ' ' turista' ' it did not respect this, it hunted in the summer, of this form, when killing an animal, in the certainty it was killing at least more two or three younglings. In its opinion is this the cause of the disappearance of many animals? R: I am certain that yes, how many and how many years the Matinhense hunted, without having the extinct animals, because it respected the periods, it was respected nature, of this form, all the animals had time pra if to reproduce, assuring the continuity of the species. But if it only could hunt in the winter, in the summer the caboclo passed hunger? R: here who only passes hunger has fear of work. .