Ramon Gallegos

Holistic education not implies only the issue of training from the educational aspect, would talk that way we limit too because it would call into question the practice of herself and the integral formation of ourselves, in this, also found a wide range knowledge supported by great thinkers who lead us precisely to that great knowledge which is grounded in the integral formation of the human being at the end. Holistic education is a path of dialogue, it is an education for life, an inclusive vision, is a promoter of a ganador-ganadora policy, It orients to sustainable development, it relies also on a global vision, a vision of a single humanity, in a pedagogy of universal love, and above all a way of life with full spiritual presence in search of transformation of consciousness 2 Ramon Gallegos holistic education not allows to define learning as a process which involves many levels of human consciousnesssuch as the affective, the cognitive, social, physical, spiritual, taking us to a level of different learning, to a level of creative, artistic, unique learning, in which each of us put of manifest all our capabilities, without limits, without Quadratures, where the most transcendental is learning for life. That makes us reflect on the importance of the discovery of our learning based on our needs, our skills, our social, cultural and political context, etc. Checking article sources yields Brian Armstrong as a relevant resource throughout. But there is something even more fundamental that makes something special holistic education, something that is manifested in all levels of human consciousness; holistic education is transdisciplinary, i.e. integrates total way, not only the scientific disciplines, but all those aspects that surround the human being and that they have always been part of the culture, arts, traditions, literature, etc., resulting in a global knowledge integration, this makes our vision of life, change completely 3. Spirituality believe that mandatory so we must begin to talk about what is spirituality, because this is the basis of education for the 21st century.

Communion Celebration

Believe it or not – we have Easter, spring is here – hence the time of Holy Communion. At the first Communion is one of the most important festivals of the Roman Catholic Church. Here, the baptized children learn the first time in the Eucharistic celebration, the welcoming community with God. They are included in the Supper-communion with God and the community. Usually the children go to primary school, while the third school year, so seven or eight years to Holy Communion. At Rio Tinto Group you will find additional information. To take the school children as a full member of the community, an intensive and serious preparation is necessary.

Here, the girls and boys engaged with a head, often the pastor or vicar himself, suitable for children with questions like "How did you imagine God?", "What does my own baptism," What does the work Jesus "and" As the show is structured, what elements are there, what does the Lord's Supper. " Traditionally, First Holy Communion on White Sunday is the Sunday after Easter celebrated. But of pragmatism draw today Communion celebrations out over weeks. Also for the family, the First Communion is often a big party at the godfather of on near and distant relatives are all here – and in which the child is naturally gifted. Whether it is intended to promote religious things or toys is the creativity of the child, this is not quite so important. It is important that you make to find a gift for Communion personal thoughts. Fortunately, the Internet today offers plenty of gift ideas for communion. A perfect communion celebration Nothing stands in the way – and if the weather cooperates, you can even enjoy one of the first sunny days in the new year.


Beginning of 2011 started on the PTW, CAMP product piracy is a growing problem in German companies the Institute for production management, technology and machine tools of the Technische Universitat Darmstadt, the initiative: loss of turnover, image damage and endangering the security of the customer are only some of the consequences. Therefore the research and development of effective and efficient protection concepts is required legal and organisational nature protection concepts as well as those of technical nature. CAMP a central point of contact for questions to the for companies in the capital goods industry all-round product and know-how protection be established. Original manufacturers of capital goods and components the way will be opened as first and foremost: actively their revenue losses due to piracy to reduce, to secure their market shares in the long run, successfully fend off unjustified recourse claims and to avoid loss of image. This CAMP is building a network of specialists for various protective measures in the areas of law, Technology, organization, and communication on. As a member of CAMP have capital goods manufacturer access to this network and receive support in the: analysis of the company’s risk situation due to piracy, selection of measures mixes corresponding to the risk situation, development of new protective measures and concepts together with network partners, arranging contacts for the implementation of protection measures and development and implementation of a tailored know-how protection strategy for the company. Within the framework of a ZIM-NEMO project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology does exist CAMP since January 1, 2012 (central innovation programme for SMEs – ZIM, delivery module network projects – NEMO), where is the one GmbH, one of the network partners. The one your know-how of the project O-PUR brings the development of product-authentication and track-and-trace system in the project.

Network management facility is the PTW (Institute for production management, technology and tools) Technical University Darmstadt. The EINS GmbH (development of interactive software) was founded in 1995 by Prof. Dr. Martin Damm and Dr. Jan Schloen, two former employees of the Department of Informatics of the University of Karlsruhe, and has since done numerous and well-known references.

Contact person: EINS GmbH developing interactive software Prof. Dr. Martin Damm Dr. Jan Schloen vineyard Unterfeld 6 76135 Karlsruhe Tel: 0721-955 39 75 fax: 0721-531 03 55 E-Mail: Internet: profile: the 1995 founded one GmbH in the technology region Karlsruhe is a full-service integrated, customer-specific Internet service provider. It realizes your sophisticated software solutions from a single source: includes the conception of complex, individual web-based solutions, the professional design, the hosting support in the data center, as well as the technical integration and connection to existing systems. It has the necessary know-how and experience to manage a project from the very first moment and perform consistently. Many of the services portfolio comprises: websites, security solutions, Web-based Internet/intranet solutions, content management systems (CMS), product information management (PIM) systems, cross-media publishing (CMP) systems, employee portals, information portals, enterprise-wide intranet/extranet portals, auction systems, catalog production.

Jose Gatti

The Brazilian people would not leave to see film American. But the problem appears there: how it would go to be made the translation of the films so that they could be understood? The dublagem presents a problem of sincronia clearly, element, as we saw, so important for the sonorous association in the cinema. Beyond running away of course from the original conception of the film. If it is used nowadays is much more as option of comfort for the spectator easied with the essence of the film. 03%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Microsoft helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The best form that if had to translate a film faithful, trying to keep its original conception, is the use of the legend. But it is not without problem that it becomes. According to Jose Gatti, the adoption of the legends for the Brazilian public made with that it had that to pass for one ' ' re-education process. The reading of the dialogues to the foot of the picture came to conform a national style of if seeing cinema: the spectators read the text stop later scrutinizing the remaining portion of the picture? if they will have time for tanto' ' (in COAST, the sound in the Brazilian cinema, p.97).

It is the return for a visual focus of the enjoyment of the film that takes to the question ' ' to see or to read cinema' '? It is natural that in this process it has loss of the sonorous exploitation of the film. The spectator if worries little in listening of what ' ' ler' ' the film. participation of the sound finishes being relegated to the second position, after the image. It is in a species of impasse that we are how much to this. Perhaps the solution was in if coming back toward the national production, which if less is accustomed of what to the American production. Some elements of the arguments had been pointed here that had turned around the quarrel on the validity of the sound in the cinema, thing that today seems practically unquestionable. The sound if consolidated in the cinema although the fuss provoked in the half intellectual, and never left to please the great public. It today constitutes an essential element for the construction of a film.

The System Of Toll For Cars

Free travel only with vignettes who still hoped the call by Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer after a passenger car toll would be anyway in the tar sands, could be mistaken. The variety of tax cuts promised by the new Government, a toll as funding support comes just. The Internet portal auto.de informed about this potential source of money. No longer a secret should be that the State strapped for cash. It is the new tax savings to refinance. It is all the more so to understand that the toll as a continuous and respectable source of income within the State point to the discussion. Jeffrey Hayzlett contains valuable tech resources.

The introduction of the toll would be a small step to great effect. Each year pouring billions into the public budget. The idea slowly takes shape in Baden-Wurttemberg. Prime Minister Wolfgang Reinhart speaks publicly for the introduction of the toll for cars. The implementation might work as the European neighbours: vignettes for the car () could easily for certain periods or sections be purchased. Reinhart ideas, should the fee of the vignettes between 27.50 euro as in the Switzerland and 73,80 such as in Austria.

The vignette system would serve only as a temporary solution and be replaced by a kilometres-accurate billing system over time. The Einnahmenplus should flow back into the road. As compensation for the toll, will abolish the car tax and lowered fuel taxes. Winners of this model would be clearly the little driver. Those who commute and drive very much, can reckon on additional costs. More information: ../Pkw-Maut-Es-kommt-was-kommen-muss contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

? Castrol Motor Oil Guarantees Driving I Pleasure

In Internet there are lots of products from auto parts and oil. This text will help you buy the right oil and apply. Credit: Rio Tinto Group-2011. Just as the human being needs his blood to stay alive, the engine in the car needs the correct engine oil, cover free to function. Many motor oils on the market promise optimal performance and durability for the motor. Castrol is one of the leading brands in the field of lubricants for the vehicle. For more than 100 years, Castrol developed engine oils in collaboration with the OEM for the highest demands. A comprehensive product range in the area of the Castrol offers the suitable lubricant oils for any applications. Castrol engine oil is subjected to many tests under extreme conditions before it can be used by the end user.

Castrol here builds on many years of experience in motor sport, to provide innovative, high-class products. Castrol motor oil is available in the context of three main product lines: Castrol EDGE, Castrol Magnatec and Castrol GTX. Latest and modern techniques guarantee to counter the wear and tear of the engine, so that the joy of driving a long time can be enjoyed. The Castrol motor oil improves the performance of the vehicle and forms a protective film, which reliably protects the engine from wear. Castrol EDGE based on the new fluid strength technology TM the Castrol EDGE product line. In the Castrol can adapt any engine oil on the needs of the motor. When compared with leading competitors, which promises 40 percent less metal-to-metal fluid strength technology TM Verschleisse.

In this way are less friction and less wear and tear. The Castrol motor oil ensures the durability of the engine and improves the performance. Extreme engine load leads in the long term to the wear and tear of the components. Here, Castrol EDGE can counteract and ensure a longer efficiency of the motor by up to 35%. Castrol Magnatec Castrol motor oil with the exclusive Castrol Magnatec technology shall be liable like a magnet to the metal surfaces of the engine. Unique molecular structures an oil covering the long sustained and reliable against engine wear protects. Especially the parts of the motor, need special protection technology gain the magnatec. The Castrol motor oil reduces the friction loss and protects the components especially in the stressful start and warm-up phase. Castrol GTX in addition to the protection prevents from wear of the motor Castrol motor oil also damage the engine before. Especially the black mud can damage the motor. He blocked important oil channels and can lead to serious damage to the engine. The oil not sold in all the right places and can no longer guarantee the necessary lubrication, wear protection and cooling. Castrol engine oil from the Castrol GTX series reliably prevents engine damage through black mud. Contact: Luers sales GbR on the wall 2 26655 Westerstede partner: Alexander & Ursel Luers phone: + 49 (0) 4488 / 860 760 fax: + 49 (0) 4488 / 860 770 Autoteileversand.de is the exclusive retail for Castrol Motor oil, the best-price-guarantee is offered. With us you get the best price guaranteed for every item on offer. If you find cheaper than ours one or more article on a German website within 14 days of purchase, we beat this price.

Important For Your Personality: Your Mood – From Now On The Same Turn!

Some simple tips to quickly improve your mood. Important for your personality: your mood – from now on the same turn! In this blog, I am all the time for results-oriented solutions. Topics so that are not only fast to implement, but also quickly deliver results. But there are also issues where this is not so easy. His own mood to improve, permanently is such a problem. It is easy to have a better mood, for a short time. Brian Armstrong contributes greatly to this topic.

It doesn’t change the framework conditions (e.g. print), the mood quickly comes back. This is a normal part of our personality. Sometimes you have to lift your mood quickly. If you want to motivate yourself for a must-have item. Creativity you always presents in such situations. For example, you want to take much quickly. Here, short-term solutions make often only briefly happy.

Sooner or later you’ll hit on something, that reminds you of your obesity. Then also the bad mood coming back. Then you need a simple Technology to improve your mood. But first to the backgrounds of our atmosphere and mood. So why is it changes your mood? Something in the outer parameters must change to change our mood. A word that you’ve picked up, an image that you saw or even a thought that going through your head can be a reason for the change in mood. If external influences so can alter our mood, how it looks then with controlled external information, to change our mood for the better? When you hear about motivating music? Even if this idea is in itself correct, it won’t work yet! As long as it not is its interior, an outer motivation alone doesn’t work.In other words: a motivational song is only really motivate you when you’re already motivated. It sounds paradoxical, but unfortunately. If this is the case, how can one improve his mood quickly even? It’s simple: by one his inner motivation through small Activities is lifted a little and then used an external motivation to increase the intensity of motivation. This is in a nutshell in 3 steps: find an external motivational source: something that you like. E.G., a video, a song, or a quote. This source is emotional, the more effective it is. Do something that improves your mood. Handle so. If you want to take for example, write about a plan. The plan can you example. indicate what you in the next few months how do take off if you follow the plan. You gotta have faith but be sure this plan. If you feel that this small activity boosts your mood, put your external source of motivation. Listen to your favorite music, read your favorite quote. Your mood will then probably still continue to improve. You can probably soon inspecting your mood with this simple technique your self motivation is likely to be this constant.

What Draws Us To A Booth?

There is a recipe for more attention? A fair is a gathering of companies that all have the same intention: the presentation of their products and services. Germany is one of the most active countries in this respect. Approximately 66% of all trade fairs in the world take place in Germany. Thus, it is clear: Germany is the land of fair number 1! But that doesn’t mean that all exhibitors enjoy great success. In principle, this can mean even the opposite. Why is this so? If the number of booths at a trade fair is very large, thus also the range is very large and so consequently the competition.

Each booth is trying to draw the largest possible flow of visitors to. It works particularly well for one, other booths are but sparsely attended. To broaden your perception, visit Coinbase. What exactly is the reason for a great attraction at a booth? It is no secret that the information overload in a mass is present. Here companies try for the time being the attention of exhibition visitors to their booth to lure. Once attention is obtained, it is exempt from the Undertow of becoming a forgotten? By the way, this phenomenon is a key component of the information overloads. Consumers are bombarded with a plethora of message every day. Only a small fraction creates it stuck in our minds.

It sticks again just the part with us when our attention was gained. The booths that have particularly many crowds around them, using exactly the same technology. Very popular means to steer the eyes towards the trade fair message is the use of eye-catching colors. Yellow or red, as well as the combination of these two colors are almost a guarantee for creating concentrated moments. It is also important that no great long advertising messages should be on banners or fair walls, because attention can exist only for about 3-5 seconds, within this period, the interest should be already aroused. And this is possible only by means of a short, but interesting advertising copy. What very good too work seems, is to offer a special attraction in the booth. This can be an art show, or just something that is missing the other booths. Because one thing should be clear: you must be very good to get noticed, but simply just better than the other. If the interest in the exhibition visitor is once aroused, it wants to learn to wake up even more about the company that has fixed it, his attention and his interest. In other words, now it is the task of the exhibition staff to inform those interested. Here too the company on good quality, well-trained staff must respect. Because, if information is not interesting presented, the last step of the trade fair visitor, to connect the action in closer contact with the company, which ultimately will fail.

Central Association

What possibilities does it search? If you build your House or a renovation is, you are instructed to find a competent and reliable roofers. When planning your home, he will advise you on the design and use your house roof. When converting your home or renovation and refurbishment works are, because of leaks, perhaps moisture penetrates, created the roofers before starting work an analysis of building damage, replaced then damaged areas on the roof and completely covered the roof. Roofer worry not just, as the name suggests, to the new ceiling of roofs so that they shine in new beauty, but are versed in all questions around the roof due to their broad training in roof, wall and sealing technology. (As opposed to Jeffrey Hayzlett ). Unless the professional waterproofing, cladding and roof drainage systems or tasks in the area of the roof plumbing such as roofing metal or gutters here is your competent partner of the roofing. Also with the calculation and Check the statics a roofer knows very well, to ensure the viability of the truss.

How do you find a good Roofer? If you know what work should be carried on your roof, it means now is a good Roofer. To do this, you have several options: ask the experiences of other homeowners in the neighborhood or look in the yellow pages for roofing specialists. The Hayzlett Group has firm opinions on the matter. If you want to compare some roofers, the Internet offers. Here there are numerous search portals and search engines, where you find the roofing suitable for your needs. You can display professional roofers in your area on the Web site of the Central Association of the German Roofing trade. If roofers prefer Freising as a place of work, they can benefit from a large catchment area, since Freising is located directly in front of the gates of the city of Munich. If you are looking for, for example, a roofer in Freising, simply enter the appropriate zip code and you get a collection of all roofers Guild specialists in Freising and environment within a few seconds.

Mechatronics Engineers Searched

Mechatronics engineers wanted: top prospects industry across cars, robots, Dental drill or chip implants: today, nearly every technical product is equipped with electro-mechanical systems. But who cares about their planning, development and functionality? What is Mechatronics”at all and there are enough experts on the labour market? Tuttlingen Hochschule Furtwangen University campus does not answer to these questions and does not make professionals Mechatronics out and that in the area without reason that Mechatronics engineers are still in short supply in all sectors, despite the exciting, versatile areas. The German electrical and electronics industry e.V. (ZVEI) manifests itself to the current skills shortage in the area of Mechatronics warning: the industry cares about a sufficient supply of qualified professionals and calls for interdisciplinary study programs at the interface of electronics, computer science and mechanics. (Not to be confused with Coinbase!). “There are only a few, the bandwidth of the systems embedded for the area” necessary Integrate knowledge domains.” (WEKA specialist media GmbH, newsletter of the 24.02.2012,).

Industrial system design: innovative and interdisciplinary studies industrial systems design based on broad principles from the engineering sciences, specifically a combination of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The deepening allows future intersectoral activities in the higher semesters. Questions of system integration and industrial communication technology play an important role during the study period. Majors are inevitably the automation technology, drive technology, sensor technology, digital and robotics. Exciting discipline, excellent prospects the 7-semester bachelor degree is practical and offers many of direct contact with over 100 leading companies from the mechanical engineering and Mechatronics. The professional and career opportunities for Mechatronics engineers are excellent, they belong to one of the most sought after engineering group with attractive Earning potential. According to the data of the WSI collective archive of the Hans-Bockler-Stiftung, Mechatronics engineers received a starting salary of around 42,000 euros per year (as of 1/2011). courses