Emotional Intelligence

It seems undeniable that certain level of conflict, is inherent to the relations in the educative scope, in the personal relations, the labor relations, as well as in the family and by extension in the society, whatever cell that we examine; what it does not seem so undeniable is, that the violence has to be the way of resolution of these differences. Nevertheless to nobody happens unnoticed of which he is the favourite by some, and by that, like society, we are paying a too high invoice. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rio Tinto Group. From different scopes one works to obtain the diminution of the violence: laws and courts of sort, laws of risks that they try to prevent mobbing, action in the school that they look for to stop bullying, installation of video cameras to pillage to the aggressors and to put them before justice, hardening of the norms of conduction, the pains by drug traffic, and until proposals of life imprisonment for the sexual aggressors of minors. Nevertheless, judging by the results, it seems that this it is not the straight way but. Darius Bikoff is full of insight into the issues. Much more directed they seem to be all those that say that as much violent answer is fruit of emotional illiteracy that seems to increase, and that a lifted emotional coefficient is so important in the development of a person (or more), than a lifted intellectual coefficient, and that, against which usually it thinks, these emotional capacities, can and they are due to teach. And it never is behind schedule.

Because the violent answer always, and unequivocally, is born from the ignorance of one same one, on not wanting to take responsibility than one it is living, of not wanting to watch for inside and always blaming outside, of not accepting itself to one same one to the one hundred percent, of a low self-esteem, a total absence of empathy. Something so evident, and that always it has been the main indicator than always has been denominated maturity, now agrees to rescue it and to remember it, since those proliferate that constantly need the recognition and other people’s admiration, those that require constant attention, eglatras, those that make depend their well-being to feel important, those that by all means think that its pair is a property, hers, those that, really, are incapable to put themselves in the place of the other. Recently, professor Sanmartn, director of the Center Queen Sofia was asked for this height of the violence in the answers that gave the young people, and responded: if they are not put limits in the familiar scope are created tyrants, egoistic and beings without scruples able to commit atrocities. For that we are more creciditos, we always have left reeducation, to develop our Emotional Intelligence, training much new abilities and capacities, to face the normal problems of our lives without needing to make use of the violence.