Brief History

A Brief History of KrAZ After the war the Soviet Union began anew, with new forces to rebuild the ruined cities, bridges, roads and buildings. For this great purpose drastically needed equipment capable of providing conducting such an extensive construction work, such as: trucks, dump trucks, timber trucks and other types of vehicles and auto parts. In 1958, the territory of Ukraine, it was decided to build a car plant in Kremenchug. He is now all known as "KrAZ. Factory for the manufacture of various types of KrAZ and spare parts were arranged on the basis of enterprise engaged in production of combines. But, in a relatively short period the country has received excellent results! Cohesive forces, well trained staff in May 1959 of the first truck off the line.

Until now, car factory has produced the approximately 800,000 heavy trucks and several million automotive parts KrAZ. And at the end of last century, in the 80's and early 90's in the year produced more than 30 thousand cars and has countless auto parts KrAZ. Currently, operation, almost every branch of economy is impossible without specialized transportation support. KrAZ, literally, is a leader to meet these needs in Ukraine, and much of its production, in particular, car parts KrAZ, manufactured especially for Russian customers. The main consumers of machinery and auto parts KrAZ – builders Petroleum and gas workers, workers in agriculture, forestry and municipal services.

Demand for products KrAZ "grows every year. And that's fine, given the bad years of decline, which followed immediately after the collapse USSR. In May 2006 the holding company AvtoKrAZ received nearly 200 orders for motor vehicles and parts KrAZ, "but, of course, mostly intended for the construction. Volumes of production of automobiles and automotive Parts KrAZ constantly increasing, and one can not ignore, in proportion to increasing their level of quality. The share of cars equipped with the latest automotive parts KrAZ – Euro-2 engine, is already more than half from all of the proposed machinery. And one of the most interesting news "from life" KrAZ lately is an expression of his heads a firm decision to participate in the rally "Paris-Dakar. Over the last 4 years at KrAZ already developed 15 unique machines with corresponding parts KrAZ "for this race. Their power plant has a capacity of 750 horsepower!

Car Insurance

Insurance case in Hull recorded a representative of the insurance company at the request of the owner of a vehicle insured in the insurance company, after submitting the required documents, confirming the loss. A document certifying the right of the owner of the vehicle to obtain insurance premium if the insured event, called an insurance policy. Calculation the cost of insurance (the amount paid by the owner of the vehicle for the right to seek compensation for damages) is based on many factors: – Make and model of car – The cost of the vehicle at the time of registration of an insurance policy – The availability and type of anti-theft system and alarm system; – Total mileage – Motor vehicle insured; – Capacity insured vehicle – the driver's age – Paul Driver – The total driving experience – The number of drivers admitted to the control of a vehicle – there are serious traffic violations and accidents, and the availability of insurance payments on insurance claims in the past, this car owner, the above factors are directly associated with risk of occurrence of one of the insurance cases. For assistance, try visiting Rio- Tinto Diamonds. For example, certain models of cars significantly more likely to steal. Such popularity is due in avtougonschika as popular cars in general, and ease of access to management, stealth model or the demand for spare parts, which are often dismantle stolen cars. The higher the value of the insured vehicle, so, naturally, and above the cost of insurance on him.

The presence of anti-theft system and alarm in the car lowers the risk of theft therefore reduces the chance of the insured event, and with it the cost of insurance. Power and engine size increases the probability of insured cars large damages in the event of an accident, therefore, the higher these indicators, the more expensive the insurance will be. Age and sex of drivers, accident statistics, can also raise or lower the risk of the insured event, as well as the number of drivers of a car. And of course, the presence of Accidents and payments on insurance claims in the past. This factor had a large impact on the price of insurance.