Youth Welfare In The Spotlight – Restraint In The Training Risks

Measures of continuing education and training of teachers and educators the coffers of public finances are almost and always again unexpected cuts tear holes in the already small budget. As concerns the public youth welfare, such as the free youth organisations. And so is often in places saved, affecting the future of not only the youth welfare institution, but especially that of children and young people. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Red PIN is often used especially in the actions of the continuing education and training of teachers and educators. What remains are quite serious gaps in the professional qualification of employees and a comprehensive to lack of competence and personal satisfaction. The consequences are serious and affect the whole system. In the professional training of the staff belongs to the legal requirements on the carrier.

But where there is supposedly no money there also laws with half-finished and rather mediocre programs be replaced. It is the seamless and comprehensive training of one of the safest guarantee for qualified education and educational work in the educational specialist bodies. Geradeaus…die consultants know the problem. While a perfectly acceptable training courses for their staff on a number of youth welfare institutions, others engage in the waiver. Just the education provider has placed on a broad and diverse education especially for the field of stationary youth assistance. The concentration on content that move the equipment and a strict departure from decentralized training with a high amount of travel and accommodation costs are the decisive element of the training catalogue of the consultant.

For manageable prices which are also negotiable, the experienced organiser of continuing education provides high-quality training since 2008. The preferred in-house concept helps to not only save money, but saves the processing problems, which consist in establishing concrete. In addition to the offered Specialist training offer consultants also trainings on selected topics according to customer requirements, supervision and technical advice to the fall meeting. While the training can take place nationwide and stumble upon interest even in the German speaking countries, the supervision and case work offered North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate for the room. Even after the relocation of the training and consultancy in the Hagen Westphalian changes nothing of the services. From an experience of over 25 years of practical social work, the provider also the colleagues on the daily implementation provides his extensive knowledge and insights. More information about the provider and the services and conditions see prospects under services/fortbildung.html. OLAF Hoffmann