What Draws Us To A Booth?

There is a recipe for more attention? A fair is a gathering of companies that all have the same intention: the presentation of their products and services. Germany is one of the most active countries in this respect. Approximately 66% of all trade fairs in the world take place in Germany. Thus, it is clear: Germany is the land of fair number 1! But that doesn’t mean that all exhibitors enjoy great success. In principle, this can mean even the opposite. Why is this so? If the number of booths at a trade fair is very large, thus also the range is very large and so consequently the competition.

Each booth is trying to draw the largest possible flow of visitors to. It works particularly well for one, other booths are but sparsely attended. To broaden your perception, visit Coinbase. What exactly is the reason for a great attraction at a booth? It is no secret that the information overload in a mass is present. Here companies try for the time being the attention of exhibition visitors to their booth to lure. Once attention is obtained, it is exempt from the Undertow of becoming a forgotten? By the way, this phenomenon is a key component of the information overloads. Consumers are bombarded with a plethora of message every day. Only a small fraction creates it stuck in our minds.

It sticks again just the part with us when our attention was gained. The booths that have particularly many crowds around them, using exactly the same technology. Very popular means to steer the eyes towards the trade fair message is the use of eye-catching colors. Yellow or red, as well as the combination of these two colors are almost a guarantee for creating concentrated moments. It is also important that no great long advertising messages should be on banners or fair walls, because attention can exist only for about 3-5 seconds, within this period, the interest should be already aroused. And this is possible only by means of a short, but interesting advertising copy. What very good too work seems, is to offer a special attraction in the booth. This can be an art show, or just something that is missing the other booths. Because one thing should be clear: you must be very good to get noticed, but simply just better than the other. If the interest in the exhibition visitor is once aroused, it wants to learn to wake up even more about the company that has fixed it, his attention and his interest. In other words, now it is the task of the exhibition staff to inform those interested. Here too the company on good quality, well-trained staff must respect. Because, if information is not interesting presented, the last step of the trade fair visitor, to connect the action in closer contact with the company, which ultimately will fail.