The Speed

We know that the radio that we listen in the car receives waves that are ' ' in ar' '. The alarm in our houses contains a sensory infra-red ray. We use ovens of microwaves daily and we fear nuclear weapons because of the radiation gamma. Then, all these names in the truth are different types of electromagnetic radiation. The light that we also enxergamos is electromagnetic radiation.

In fact, we can define the light as that type of electromagnetic radiation that we enxergamos. We do not enxergamos rays X or waves of radio, but they are of the same nature that the visible light. The electromagnetic radiation if propagates in the vacuum. It is for that the light of the Sun, that travels in the space, arrives until us. All the mentioned varieties of radiation above are endowed with ondulatrio movement. That is, they dislocate themselves as waves in the sea. In the distance between two waves wave length is called.

the difference enters two types of electromagnetic radiation is exactly in its wave length. The rays gamma, for example, possess microscopical wave lengths – so small that they are comparable to the size of an atom. The radio waves have an enormous wave length, that can be measured in kilometers. It enters these two types of radiation exists a specter all, as it can below be seen in the illustration. We can also see that the proper visible light can be decomposed in radiations of ' ' cores' ' different, going of the red until the violet (the colors of the rainbow). The red has the biggest wave length while the violet has the lesser wave length. It is interesting to notice that the part of the specter that we enxergamos is very small. All the forms of electromagnetic radiation, do not matter of which be speaking, if they dislocate accurately to the same speed: the speed of the light.