The Independent Traveler’s Agency

The current situation for travelers is clearly polarized into two extremes: the travel agents and independent travelers, two opposing ways of traveling and competing. One just wondering if there is no possibility of an agency for the independent traveler to maximize the potential of this to visit a country the way he likes. Is it possible? As founder of a low-cost consulting tailored to independent travelers, this is a question I ask myself every day, and the answer, although not simple, I will try to explore in this paper basing on the ideas that led to the creation of our project . For starters: do you want the independent traveler? I find hard to answer, and I think that anyone should find it, because deep down we all are within us. A few people like being told what to do and it does not put an exorbitant price to do so.

The independent traveler wants freedom, does not want bonds, and therefore, does not want the famous “travel packages.” I will use to explain a legend urban development, by booking a package that comes out cheaper than booking all things apart. In my business every day shredding this theory, although I encourage you all to perform the test and see how almost 95% of cases the packages will be more expensive than everything separately. And here comes the first idea what the package is flexible? A package that is sold together but can be separated by the same traveler might see fit and stay that suits at the time that suits you without having to have it all paid in advance and suddenly? Difficult for a conventional agency, but nothing complicated if we change the mentality of agency and we had the mentality of consulting. A travel consultant would act organizing a trip, squaring the times, looking for the best prices and providing realistic understanding of an area and charge a fixed fee for doing so if the client was interested in the outcome.