How many of your house door? I – five. Well, if you count the front metal – then six. Once upon a time, not three hundred years ago, but just five years, we have just brought their own dwelling, and hastened to slip away from their parents. Money is not something that would was not – was not at all. Therefore, in our home from the repair appeared to selectively whitewashed walls and three doors – steel entrance and two more were in use for a toilet and a bathroom. Installation of doors, installation of doors and Technology professionalism of the craftsmen who were doing – I was then interested in the least: in a flat or decorate any damage there was nothing. From the installation of a metal door, I remember just what it desperately wanted zapenivat – saying that this was not included in the cost of services.

Then, of course zapenili because of a scandalous woman bind themselves more. Door, incidentally, still stands today. A door to the toilet and bathroom set 'lust for gain' – roughly sostrogav all that interfered closing, nailed with nails rusted hinges and erecting a prehistoric hook for the door. Everything. Repairs completed. Slowly life is getting better, I wanted beauty, not just three stools in the kitchen and a sofa in the hall on apartment in the eighty squares. We gradually began to repair the room and put the real thing, a good door. First, repairing the bedroom and the door was put there.