Herbicidas? In the same way that the pesticides, the herbicidas have despertado each time more the attention in the ambient area. However, what they are herbicidas? Generally in the farming beyond the cultivated plants (sugar cane, maize, soy, etc), it also has other plants that are considered undesirable because they compete with the culture as for the nutrients, to the water and even though light when they possess high transport. You may find Jeffrey Hayzlett to be a useful source of information. These plants undesirable also are called ‘ ‘ invasoras’ ‘ for great part of them to be plants of low transport as grass, herbicidas called products are applied to control the invasion and, in this manner, to reduce the competition with the cultivated plants. However, it fits to mention that the group of considered plants ‘ ‘ daninhas’ ‘ , that is, that they cause damage to the culture, he is composed in its majority for grass, but it all contemplates and any type of plant that invades the plantation and that, therefore, pass to compete with the main plants. Thus, the group of the harmful ones can contemplate trees and shrubs. Jill Bikoff usually is spot on. In the same way that the pesticides, the herbicidas also have been studied, therefore not only they provide the control of grass in the plantation, but also they can contaminate the ground and the water. In this way, it must be understood the destination and the transformations of these molecules in the ground to understand the effect of the same ones under the quality of the same and also of the water that can eventually have contact with these products. . Details can be found by clicking White Bay Group Uriel Cohen or emailing the administrator.

The Majority

Observed the picture presented for Donaire, we can conclude that the prevention of the pollution combines two basic ambient concerns: sustainable use of the resources and control of the pollution. As it affirms Barbiere (2004, P. The Hayzlett Group pursues this goal as well. 107), ' ' the prevention of the pollution requires changes in processes and products in order to reduce or to eliminate the rejeitos in the source, that is, before they are produced and launched to the environment ' '. 4 the LUMBER INDUSTRY IN RELATION TO the ECOEFICINCIA STANDARD the study of the ambient behavior of two companies of wooden improvement was carried through with the objective to establish a parallel with the model of echo efficiency, according to characteristic pointed by Donaire (1999) and Barbiere (2004). This comparative analysis had finally to offer to subsidies for a vision of the lumber industry in relation the ecological management with the insertion of the dependent 0 variable ' ' pessoas' '. This element as part of a model of ambient management takes for base the Consolidation of the Laws of the Work and the Statute of the City. The decision of if assuring the insertion of the laborer as part of the ecological management result of the fact of that if it cannot only speak in quality of life in the work considering what it says respect the materials, processes and ranks of work.

The quality of life of a diligent one passes not only for the rank of work, but also for the labor environment and motivacionais conditions that this offers to it. Everything this, ally to the conditions of familiar life. To benefit the wood, in the majority of the cases means to face aggressive agents as high temperatures, chemical noises, products, low levels of illumination, poeiras, among others, as well as the risks to the health that is associates estresse to it and, even so they do not cause ocupational diseases, they increase the psychological vulnerability and certainly they contribute for the weakness of the health of the workers.

The Power

' ' ESCOPO' ' – Its composition was considered, which the public and which the objectives. ' ' TEMPO' ' – The used processes had been observed to inside assure the ending of the program of the foreseen stated period, being identified beginnings of the activities, the estimate of the duration and development of the cronograma. ' ' RESOURCES FINANCEIROS' ' – One searched to raise the source of the resources, if it had planning of the resources, estimate of the costs, budget of the costs and control of the costs. ' ' QUALIDADE' ' – The existence of a planning of the quality was considered and if some type of quality control was made. ' ' RESOURCES HUMANOS' ' – The number of people in the team, the responsibilities of each member and the motivation of the members of the team was identified. ' ' COMUNICAO' ' – It was asked regarding the elaboration, distribution, storage and ready presentation of the information of the program. ' ' RISCOS' ' – The processes Had been described that say respect to the identification, analysis and reply the risks of the program.

Avaliatrios aspects: ' ' DISPOSALS LEGAIS' ' – One is about laws, decrees, regulations, statutes, etc.; that they can place bureaucratic obstacles or facilitate and promote the accomplishment of the program. ' ' WILL POLTICA' ' – So that one programs has validity and operationalization, politician of the institution must count on the support promotes that it. ' ' RESOURCES FINANCEIROS' ' – It is treated to analyze the financial resources that are effectively available to the program, when it will be necessary. ' ' SOCIAL CONDITIONS AND ECONMICAS' ' – Structural or conjunctural Conditions that influence in the execution of the program. As examples of structural conditions the fiscal adjustment and the relation can be cited dvida/PIB. As for example of conjunctural conditions, the power of persuasion of the local population and changes in the picture can be cited politician.

Agricultural Engineering

' ' The crisis of the water had been projected for 2025, but it is if revealing agora' '. … ' ' With the sped up increase of the population and the urbanization, the quality problems water scarcity if have aggravated for the presence of residues, organic and toxic substances, and visor quality of air (Tundisi, 2008, p.25.). The set is the problem, that modifies the hidrolgicos cycles, getting worse the quality of life in certain regies' ' , it thinks the researcher, complementing: ' ' In certain regions, the water scarcity is so great, that it generates a crisis in the production of alimentos' ' , (Tundisi, 2008, p.25.), it explains, standing out that, in places as Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Australia and part of the Central Europe, such effect less will be felt. In contrast southwestern of Asia and Africa, where the food production extremely will be affected. Increasing the vulnerability of the countries of both the continents.

The amount of available hdricos resources and the food production they are directly on. According to data of the report of the FAO, 63% of the water consumed in the world are destined to agriculture, 21% to industrial sector and 10% to the domestic supplying. ' ' the world lives a global crisis, the availability of these eliminates very exceeds the multiple necessities human beings. However, to the end of century 21, the water petitions will have to reach the limit of the availability total' ' , it affirms Luiz Claude Coast, professor of the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the Federal University of Viosa (MG). ' ' In diverse parts of world, including certain regions Brazilian, demand of water for agriculture and for use I domesticate and industrial exceeds offers (Reviewed Heating global, 2008 p.25) Such situation goes to become still more serious, since factors exist that can influence directly, as the climatic alterations, the increase of the population, the changes of the use of the sun, the increasing demand of the society for water and the necessity to keep the flow of the rivers, for questions ecolgicas' ' , it complements the academic.

Geography Japanese

Article: The devastador followed earthquake of one tsunami in Japan Robert Ramalho is journalist and studious of Geography and History the world comes following the images of the tragedy of the earthquake followed of tsunami that it arrasou innumerable Japanese cities as of Sendai that had half of its dead inhabitants and the nuclear danger in the one with the explosions in some reactors of the Nuclear Plant of Fukushima, cambaleando still more its economy that if finds in contraction, also losing for China the heading of as greater the GIP of the planet. The country of the extreme East is known by its history of overcoming the innumerable tragedies that already had abated on the country of the rising sun, also what occurred in World War II (1939-1945) with the explosion of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nakasaki, resulting in the exodus of thousand of its inhabitants who had finished come to Brazil forming strong Japanese communities. Of the land of the millenarian traditions to Meca of the technological innovations, constructing and manufacturing of everything, since simple toys until cars, passing for cellular DVDS, television sets, telephones, computers, notebooks, IPAD, etc, as well as creating modismos for young, if constituting in the home of giants of the games and strategical branches of the industry of the entertainment. According to affirmation of economic analysts of some countries, the devastador earthquake followed of tsunami that it shook the Japan and the intensification of the consequent nuclear crisis in the country can result in a loss of until US$ 200 billion for the third bigger economy of the world. However, the global impact still continues uncertain few days after enormous tsunami that it reached the Japanese northeast coast. While the local authorities look for to prevent a nuclear catastrophe in a nuclear plant the 240 km of Tokyo, economists enter the damages of the earthquake in the construction, the economic production and the consumption.

The Aline

The pupils of the courses of acceleration of 5 to 8 series of basic education learn much more of what the traditional contents of classroom. A partnership firmed for the secretariats of education of the city and the State of the Acre, with the School of Environment of the city of Rio Branco allows that the adolescents extend its knowledge on the ecological relations and rational exploration of the natural resources. Juracy Pacheco, coordinator of the School, informed that lessons of recycling and artesanato in paper are the door of entrance for the formation of an ecological conscience in the new generations. Beyond the pupils, people of the community also have access to the techniques to transform used paper into new, ready leves for use. ' ' These people receive the training and start to function as multiplying of these techniques and a new form of the human being if to relate with the way where vive' ' . The Aline teacher de Oliveira informed that the group is formed by 32 pupils of the state school Aguiar Joo and that the activities of ambient education go to lock up the modules on Portuguese Language and Sciences. ' ' The main one is to guarantee lessons for those pupils who, for reason of repetncia, pertaining to school evasion or others, had been behind in relation to the etria band for series. But the ambient education is a form to work auto-esteem to make with that all they take taste for the studies and can surpass the deficiencies that apresentaram' '. The referring knowledge to the four series are given of modular form in 11 months, guaranteeing the conclusion of basic education to the participants of the classroom ' ' acelerada' ' (SECTOR RECYCLING, 2010). Working with the question of the ambient degradation Bioma Atlantic Mata LEEF (1999) it tells its experience in ambient education in the Atlantic Bioma Mata.