Speed Drive

Self-locking, non-magnetic and easy to integrate: Piezobasierter PILine linear actuator of physics instruments (PI) at linear direct drives compared to rotating electric motors offer advantages straight movements in automation technology, since in the latter case, the thrust over a spindle must be implemented in a translational motion. The missing self-locking of conventional linear motors and the resulting holding flows associated with warming, high energy consumption and position trembling”are often undesirable. Here piezobasierte linear actuators remedy. Specifically with regard to the requirements of modern automation technology, physics has instruments (PI), Karlsruhe, now a scalable piezobasierten linear actuator (picture) in the program, which is suitable with uploads to 10 N, speeds up to 0.5 m/s and travels in the range of several 10 mm for many applications. An piezoceramic actuator oscillating at ultrasonic frequencies is biased against a linear led bar. The actuator vibration profile then create the forward and backward movement of the drive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeffrey Hayzlett. Due to the preloading of ceramics on the bar this is held normally at idle in his position. Differently than electromagnetic linear motors needs the piezobasierte drive to no energy, there is no heat and the position is kept stable.

In positioning mode of piezobasierte linear actuator achieves an accuracy of 10 m with an optical linear encoder. In addition, no interfering magnetic fields arise from the piezoceramic actuator unlike electromagnetic linear actuators during operation. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has plenty of information regarding this issue. Fit to the piezobasierten linear actuator there is an also industry meet designed controller, where the driver electronics for generating the ultrasonic vibrations is already integrated. This is a price attractive linear drive system available, which can be integrated on top of that just in the application. The width of 100 mm and 160 mm-long map of Europe of the controller you can control optional via RS232 interface, CAN, or analog input, E.g.

for Speed control or the external control via a joystick. The 32-pin connector connects the panel mounting simply through adapter modules and screw terminals. In the last four decades, PI with headquarters in Karlsruhe has become the leading manufacturer of Nanopositioniertechnik. As a privately held company with healthy growth, over 500 employees worldwide and PI can fulfill almost every request from the innovative precision positioning technology sector a flexible, vertically integrated organization. All key technologies are developed in-house. Thus each phase can be controlled from design to delivery: the precision mechanics and electronics as well as the position sensors and the piezo ceramics / actuators. The latter are produced by a subsidiary of PI ceramic. PI with its own sales and service branches is represented in all major markets. Also maintains the company test equipment for nanometrology on three continents. PI Shanghai and United States have Moreover, development and manufacturing capabilities, which allow a quick response to customer-specific requirements on the spot.