Single Dishwashers

Little dishes, but no desire to wash by hand? This is so with the singles. Of all only one is required, quite differently, however, when the seven dwarfs and snow white, there were seven spoons, seven plates, seven cups and so on. There, the dwarves on a normal dishwasher had sure very happy. In a single household usually less dishes in use is the purchase of a dishwasher will cause often well-planned. “Because a normal ‘ dishwasher should be already fully loaded before it is switched on. Half-empty machines waste energy and water. But who would have already his dishes dirty for days in a great dishwasher until it is worthwhile to turn on the machine? An important role is also the space in the kitchen. If the kitchen is very small, the footprint on the ground for an additional device is often missing.

A solution to the problem is a single dishwasher. It is adapted to the needs of a small household and clean dishes in the nu to the hand. Single dishwashers are also known as table dishwashers. You take away space and also the cleaning requirements. The width dishwasher are usually standard for single 45 cm. Maximum single dishwasher must be 50 cm wide, to be referred to as such.

Single there dishwashers as table dishwasher, base-enabled devices and appliances. The tops have turn off easily on the countertop, especially in small rooms very space-saving. A single dishwasher accommodates up to 6 place settings. Also in terms of performance it is often the major equipment not in. Efficiency class A, cleaning efficiency class A and drying performance class A or B have these devices. There is also the choice of different programs, also the convenient delay is present in the new equipment. Various storage systems for different dishes and a cutlery basket are also often. Technically, she can Single dishwasher exhibit a similar cleaning performance as a full-size machine, however it consumes logically less electricity and water. A single washer usually has two or three wash cycles, from 30 to 65 degrees. The flush duration, depending on the program, between 8 and 20 minutes. The power consumption is an average 12 l water/0.70 kWh, the noise level is 58 dB. Who needed only little dishes, often even eats out of the House and has to do with very tight spaces, a single dishwasher is very well suited for. The selection is large in the Internet, are also stylish versions in stainless steel look.