The best-known forms of self-employment are far from getting chances of achieving economic independence, since this term means being in possession of the control of your money but also your time. The concept of self-employment means used yourself or give job to oneself. But what possibilities does a person of power self?. Today, all!. Allow me to explain. Years ago, the idea of self was little admired since the yearnings of 90% of the people were sufficient to be used but passively, i.e., working for another person or company. Today has not changed much this ahnelo but not why there are still difficulties for self by which had to happen previously.

In the era in which we live, the forms of self are proliferating in the extraordinary form, emerging opportunities by which anyone is able to learn to generate their own income without having to abide by orders from other people. They exist basically two forms of self: 1. self to generate an entry active or linear, i.e. an autosueldo. This mode is the most widespread by the majority of people who want to work on their own, but almost always think they’re going to be owners of business or small business and in reality the business owns them. This means that they have begun with the incorrect information.

In the majority of cases, these people are that should perform all tasks requiring that business and, therefore, going to fall on the circle of living to work. And not talk about the case in which sick or happen any mishap that obligates this autoempleado to leave the business temporarily, fails and generates no income. 2. The second way of self is creating an asset!. People that they autoemplean with the aim of creating an asset, i.e., create something that generates benefits if only, they go from being self-employed to be owners of a permanent employee.