But there is something more. And they are hedge funds (bottoms of cover) that positions are eliminating massively, same in gold. Hedge funds that approximately handles to US$ 1,800 trillions in assets. Galigue adds: " a part of this industry is dying, probably half. Then they eliminate the assets in panic, without consideration of the news econmicas". The reality is that nobody wants to be bought in this market, because is not known what so much more can deepen this loss, nor whatever can get to undergo the economy.

In times like these, future potential value does not consider, but the unique thing that operates is pnico" and incertidumbre". The majority of the analysts repeats that there is to enter for " length plazo" , that " always gana" but and meanwhile what we do? " meanwhile " it can talk about to more of a year even. Who bought Nasdaq or S& P 500 in the beginning of the year 2000, in the heat of market euphoria, thinking that the technological celebration would continue, never could see their investments become positive. The Nasdaq takes lost to 70% since then and the S& P 500 40%. They spent 8 years. " length plazo" he can be for the children or grandsons of the investor, and the investor at issue thus will lose always. A variety of bottoms exists to bet to the loss, if us we are raises hoping it of the market of " length plazo" , we will smile from some other side when to those who we bequeathed our assets to them, they sell. Diverse alternatives exist for those who glimpse a loss in the markets and they do not try to cling to his actions " for the length plazo" in which " everything will tend to subir". The ETFs and bearish investment funds, that sell in shortage (short-sell), which they arm strategies of options betting to the loss, that they gain value insofar as loses it to the market.