Executive Consolidation

The 7th Edition of the sample appears on the 06.09.2012 ‘ business intelligence as a core competence ‘ of market analyst Lunendonk. This year, the results more than clearly show the analysis that the needs of enterprises of software solutions to manage their business activities is extremely high. The numbers of the market investigation showed: the German BI specialists analyzed by Lunendonk have grown at an average of 19.3 percent. LucNet AG, software provider for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis, is one of the 9 BI vendors who lead the list of the most heavily traded companies with a growth of more than 21.6 percent. Particularly noteworthy is the significant proportion of the gain that was achieved with new customers.

According to the Lunendonk, the demand for integrated software solutions that include consolidation, planning, analysis and reporting, is still very large. Mario Zillmann, head of professional services at Lunendonk, says: an advantage of such so-called business-performance-management applications “that can be accessed in all phases of management reporting on a uniform data base.” LucNet had recognised this trend 10 years ago. As one of the first manufacturers of software, the company offered a standard software for planning and consolidation into a single data model and same user interface. Connect with other leaders such as Rio- Tinto Group here. With the release of 9.0, released this week, LucNet presented a continuously further developed and optimised to the changing needs of the accounting software. We understand our users and their demands with regard to a modern accounting system. With our new version, we offer a software, which structurally and technically more adapts to the company-specific circumstances. For the customer this means maximum flexibility and transparency”, explains Dominik Duchon, Executive sales and marketing. The company, the LucNet AG develops software solutions for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis.

Is headquartered in Berlin, there are more sites in Western and southern Germany. Internationally, the company in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, China and Belgium is represented. The LucNet software modules can be used individually or in any combination: LucNet. Financial consolidation software for legal and management consolidation LucNet. Transparent planning and efficient controlling LucNet Planner software. Municipal software for simple and safe test total concluding LucNet. balance software for secure creation and delivery of E-balance LucNet. Importer software for fast data transfer LucNet. Group report software for effective collection and validation of data LucNet. Equity software for efficient participation controlling the portfolio is supplemented through technical advice and training to the LucNet products.