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Art. Jeffrey Hayzlett is full of insight into the issues. 25 “Management of pension reserves and investing pension funds,” Federal Law “On Private Pension Funds” dated May 7, 1998 75-FZ, n.

6: “6. At placing funds in the pension reserve fund residential property must provide the authorized federal body of data on the assessment of real property by an independent appraiser, who is licensed to carry out this activity in accordance with the requirements established by legislation of the Russian Federation. ” 11. Art. 3.27 “Secured Bonds” Federal Law “On the securities “of April 22, 1996 39-FZ, n. 1:” … Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with THE HAYZLETT GROUP. The property, which is the subject of mortgage bonds secured by a pledge, should be evaluated by the appraiser. ” 12.

Art. 10 “Mutual fund cooperative” federal law “On production Cooperatives “May 8, 1996 41-FZ, paragraph 2:” … Evaluation of share contribution in excess of two hundred and fifty by federal law the minimum wage should be done by an independent appraiser. ” 13. Art. 2 “PSA” of the Federal Law “On Production Sharing Agreements” dated December 30, 1995 225-FZ, paragraph 4 “… Subsoil user prior to the date of the auction must submit to the authority which issued the license to use subsoil, the evaluation report of the property complex, inextricably linked to the right of subsoil use, produced by an independent appraiser conducting its activities in accordance with Russian legislation and the draft contract for the sale of the property complex in whole or in part. ” 14.