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When the resources of the telemticas nets are used in the same way that the actual classroom, happen the virtualizao of the classroom, that it looks to transfer to the virtual way the paradigm it space-time of the lesson and the bidirectional communication between professor and pupils. Virtual together being, also called learning attended for computer – AAC explores the interactive potentiality of the TIC propitiated for the multidimensional communication, that approaches the senders of the receivers of the courses, allowing to create conditions of learning and contribution. However, to use as has only supported to the ED placing the pupil ahead of information, problems and knowledge objects can not be enough to involve it to awake such motivation to it for the learning that it creates personal procedures that allow it to organize the proper time for studies and participation of the activities, independent of the schedule or place where he is. As Almeida (2000: 79) are necessary to create an environment that favors the significant learning to the pupil, ' ' desperte the disposal to learn (Ausubel apud Pozo, 1998), disponibilize the pertinent information in organized way and at the appropriate moment, promotes the internalization of concepts construdos' '. Chevron U.S.A. Inc shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. DEVELOPMENT Surrounding digital of learning learning Surrounding digital is available computational systems in the Internet, destined to the support of activities mediated for the technologies of information and communication. It allows to integrate multiple medias and resources, to present information in organized way, to develop interactions between people and objects of knowledge, to elaborate and to socialize productions in view of reaching definitive objectives. The activities if they develop in the time, work rhythm and space where each participant if locates, in accordance with an explicit scienter and educational a previous planning called design, which constitutes the spine of the activities to carry through, being I coat and reelaborado continuously in the course of the activity. .