The Pedagogical

To put as the great evasion and due to I stimulate and understanding of the part of the pedagogical body can be launched projects. 1.1.TIPOS OF DISLEXIA the children generally present many errors at the beginning of its learning of reading and writings change letters write espelhados do not obtain to resemble words. These errors are common to put go disappearing in the measure where they will be assimilating the necessary knowledge for these abilities. If cases these errors persist exactly if the child presents normal intelligence and has great difficulty to read and to write it can be with a learning riot that if calls dislexia. The dislexia child has difficulty for readings and writings do not obtain to always read in high voice and very shy for the fact not to obtain to transpose for the paper Its thoughts or something that finished to read. Its incorrect calligraphy and without coherence. The dislexia can be caused by a problem more serious call intellectual, auditory deficiency or visual serious these injuries cordials, cerebral trauma in this case the dislexia would be folloied by simple a pathological picture to identify that it only remains being alleviated for a re-education (Oliveira 2010p.

130) For these and other reasons some scholars confirm that the dislexia has varies phases and supreme of difficulty for the reading and the writing some acquired types of dislexia being they: deep, superficial, semantics, auditory and visual: It affirms Edler, 1996: The learning problems are not restringveis nor the physical or psychological causes, nor the analyses of the social conjunctures. She is necessary to understand them from an approach multidimensional, that amalgamates organic factors, cognitivos, affective, social and pedagogical, perceived inside of the joints social. As much as possible, the analysis, the actions on the learning problems must insert in ampler movement of fight for the transformation of the society (p.46) Many cases of dislexia pass unobserved in the school.