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They did not want more to substitute the President of the Province of Are Peter. They wanted, yes, to choose the President of the Republic. The fight would be of the soldiers of the Republican Army of the Rio Grande. It was not more the fight of rebels, but a war of republican army against imperial army. The flag was not more imperial the green-yellow one and they did not fight for recognition, but for the sovereignty of its country. In day 12, the Act of Declaration of Independence in which was cultivated they declared not to embainhar the swords, and to spill the blood all, before retroceding of the principles politicians. In 6 of November of 1836, the voting in the Chamber of Piratini for President of the River Republic was legalized. Exactly not being present, Blessed Gonalves won with Jose Gomes de Vasconcelos vice-presidente.&#039 Garden as first; ' Question: If the River Republic had invigorated, what it would have been of Brazil without the personalities or institutions of the Paran, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul, the example of Ana Rickmann, Berenice Azambuja, Brito Jnior, Agricultural Canal, Dunga, Elis Regina, Emilio Mdici, I make bristle Verssimo, Geisel Ernest, Esperidio Amin, EUCATUR, Gaucho of the Border, Getlio Vargas, Gisele Bndchen, Graziela Massafera, Gustavo Krtner, Itaipu, Goulart Joo, Leonel Brizola, Felipo, Luiz Fernando Verssimo, Negrinho of the Pasturing, Nelson Gonalves, Peter Simon, Placid of I castrate, Agricultural Radio and TV, Robert Requio, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Teixeirinha, UNIMED, Werner Schunneman, Xuxa, therefore that they are part of our History, but they would not be Brazilian or Brazilian! II? GERMANS IN BRAZIL ' ' For the necessity of the workmanship hand, in 1822, in the transistion of the process of release of the independence of Brazil, D. Peter offered tickets, 78 annual hectares of land, one hundred and sixty kings and certain amount of oxen, cows, horses, pigs and hens for each person of each family of the Europe interested in the Brazilian settling.

VII Continent

He deals with to the space, geography, the cultural and linguistic units as well as of the ethnic groups. He tries to justify the fragilities of the African continent: precarious opening for the exterior, great cultural isolation, absence of previous cultural goods to the contact with the Europeans, ground poor and barren climate. It deals with to century VII, the Islamic expansion and some littoral empires, showing great unfamiliarity of the interior. With reason or not, Braudel affirms that it did not have knowledge concerning the past of Africa. Perhaps its little knowledge on this continent has favored its theoretical elaboration with these peculiarities. As well as in the Mediterranean, it suggests that the African culture if spoils from century XV, when its economy daily pay-monetary enters in contact with the dynamic developed commerce the north of the Mediterranean. The construction of its texts and the consultation of its bibliography evidence that the repertoire of the information gotten for Braudel gave account only of the slavery. It would be interesting to evaluate the quality of these information.

Braudeliana Africa enters for the History, fagocitada for its model of civilization, from century XV, when the European one comes back its look toward this continent and, of systemize form more in century XIX, with the imperialism. With partial reason it defends that Africa if benefited of the European settling, receiving cultural and material good; but also it recognizes that this brutal contact disarticulated the African culture, spoiling millenarian tribal, familiar and social structures fundamental in way of being and living of the African. Interest of the European powers was not enough to this the territorial division of Africa according to did not consider the regional especificidades of the cultures. Soon! In a briefing I capitulate is locked up the history of Africa, not faced as civilization, but yes as culture. We can in them now question the criterion of this framing, since the continent related one possesss a space with a consolidated society, comungando of a mentality, lasting and continuing in the space and the time.

Caribbean Festival

Even in the highest peaks of the Sierra Maestra is They located two vegetable formations unique in the country: the cloudy mountain and Monte Fresco. From the social and cultural point of view it also has elements of great interest. Numerous museums, natural history, both passages of the wars of independence against the Spanish power and passages of the Cuban revolution, of illustrious figures of the country, architectural styles and modes of living Cuban abound not only in the capitals of provinces in the next cities and places of interest, emphasizing among them Baracoa, Gibara, Puerto PadreBanes, Baconao and Manzanillo, among others. Of them it will deepen when he is recommended him to visit them. All these places will be recommended visit given its great importance, emphasizing Bariay, Holguin, place where he landed Colon for the first time in Cuba in 1492, the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, where lie the remains of Jose Marti, the Apostle of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, the Demajagua, in Granma, where the beginning of the war of independence was proclaimed against Spain and the family home of the Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, shows of the wooden architecture of the era, in Biran, also in Holguin.

It was in the provinces to the South where they arrived massively larger waves of refugees from Haiti to the triumph of the Haitian revolution in 1791. The ruins of those French coffee plantations and its profound influence in Cuban culture in these provinces are majestic. Closely linked to this are the manifestations of the culture characteristic of those areas, among which stands out the Tumba Francesa, which UNESCO praises the degree of conservation, protection and importance that the Cuban State confers to this cultural manifestation. This part of Cuba is also the most linked with the Caribbean culture, to such an extent that to Santiago de Cuba is known as the balcony of the Caribbean by great affinity with the musical rhythms, much more than the rest of Cuba. The same Carnival in these provinces are very different from the rest of the country. It should be noted in this city the celebration in the month of July of the Caribbean Festival or feast of fire, rooted to the Caribbean culture. Intends to begin our journey through the vicinity of the North Coast, making any incursion into the Centre of the provinces to visit the provincial capitals in the case of las Tunas and Holguin, while in the rest of the provinces mentioned, more mountainous, will be the coast North and then South, passing through the mountainous massifs, on roads where the landscapes are magnificenthighlighting a road only in Cuba, known as La Farola. All this you can enjoy in the next articles.

Moped Insurance

Who said that mopeds did not need a special coverage with moped insurance? While such vehicles are characterized by their small size and not be able to develop high speeds, it is clear that mopeds have to be on the roads with cars, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles larger and are subject to all the risks that have any of these vehicles. For this reason, as well as his older brothers cars and motorcycles, moped vehicles need safe moped specializing in coatings requiring this type of means of transport. Moped insurance contain all sorts of coatings for people who are benefited by its services. Thus, moped insurance can provide you coverage to all sorts of vicissitudes, as all are those who have to do with the health of the moped driver after an accident in the vehicle, which have to do with the health of people, in addition to conductor, resulting affected by an accident of traffic on the moped, that have to do with damage to the scooter during the accident, damage to other vehicles or things damaged on the occasion of an accident. Jeffrey Hayzlett shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition to these common services, moped insurance can cover vicissitudes such as assistance in the event that the vehicle stop working on a trip, legal defense where there might be a problem because of an accident on the moped between other coverages that may very well offer moped insurance to all persons who acquire them. While in general people who are transported on a moped don’t see the need get safe moped, since they consider that they drive safely, that your vehicle is also very reliable and that can hardly cause damage to others or damage to themselves, it is prudent to obtain insurance from moped that covers many of the risks that you can see faced while driving. First and foremost, is not so much because you are reckless driving or your vehicle is not reliable, but it is more because many times the reckless behavior of others or sometimes unexpected events that nobody is free are those who cause all kinds of accidents. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

The consequences that brings not having insurance of mopeds are large costs for your pocket at once than all the difficulties and setbacks that can lead to judicial proceedings and other vicissitudes that can very well cover the insurance of mopeds. Is for these reasons that it is advisable to acquire insurance of mopeds covering not only your vehicle, but that also cover persons who lead the moped, to people that do not lead the moped but which may be affected by an accident or unexpected event with the vehicle, judicial procedures that can involve any occurrence of these by the activity of driving his vehicle moped among other things. I think that taking into account all these factors, among others that by not extend are not mentioned in this article, it is much more safe and quiet for you given a pass by the companies that they offer services of insurance in insurance of mopeds to get one that fits your expectations and need for security. Original author and source of the article

History Of Independence

A year passed since the invasion of Georgian troops into South Ossetia. According to experts, today over Tskhinvali once again the clouds are gathering … History of South Ossetia as an ethno-geographical units of land Ossetia more than two thousand years. These ancient, old Georgian and ancient Armenian sources clearly indicate that Ossetian (Scythian-Sarmatian) affiliation of ancient and medieval population of the southern slopes of the central Caucasus. For example, "The Armenian geography VII century BC tells us that this area was part of early medieval Alania. Throughout its long history of South Ossetia has been largely independent of external domination, although more than once subjected to invasions by the Kartli (eastern Georgia) rulers. By the time of the establishment of the Russian administration in the Caucasus at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, Ossetia, both in the north and south was actually independent.

Although legally Ossetia into the Russian empire in the 70s of the XVIII century, it took several decades for approval in the south of the Russian administration. The actual accession of South Ossetia occurred in 1830 after the military expedition of the Russian troops under General Rennenkampf. In 1843, the territory of South Ossetia as part of the Tiflis province was formed Ossetia region, which consisted of the territory of modern Russia. The inclusion of South Ossetia in the administrative-territorial system of the Russian Empire was not accompanied, however, Russia's recognition of any dependence of South Ossetia from Georgia. Therefore, the Georgian feudal lords and princes Machabeli Eristavi attempted to achieve with the help of Russian arms control over South Ossetia, putting its population in a dependent position.


When it is spoken of England thinks about the United kingdom in a general way, is necessary to desconstruir an idea that will not be fortified in century XIX with the Imperialism to think about this Great-Britain as a great empire that never dies. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeffrey Hayzlett and gain more knowledge.. One is about an ideological vision that is brought to think of Great-Britain, being nothing more than a construction politics. If it did not have this homogeneity in the century in century XIX, evidently it did not have in century XVII with the diverse economic and cultural conflicts inside of the island. The first one was of that if these components won the war, the weakened king already would come to lose the throne and this classroom that wants to emerge as dominant social classroom to come to substitute the proper king and to restore a new form of government. Second it was shrewdness of Cromwell in becoming to perceive the following one: England is in war and way to a crisis economic politics and, but the king has a national army that, even so he does not have financial recital to be supported, is in conflict and he assists still more the weakness; on the other hand, if the Scottish and Irishans win the war can be they to come to not only take the power in England, leading the fall of the king as bourgeois the emergent ones.

The strategy of Cromwell, that is between the Common ones, is to create an Army of New Type. One is not about one real that are on to the king to defend the State, but formed army basically for excluded that they do not possess real and taxed privileges of taxes as bourgeois and the peasants. It appears in England, century XVII, a climate of participation politics and military man. this army that granted support so that the Common ones not only had effective domnios of funds, of this capitalism that started to develop, but also of being able politician.


If they lived so well, if they had in the land what it was necessary, because they had not preserved? R: Good, it did not depend very on people, with the coming of the tourists, the caboclo saw the possibility of profits and he did not imagine the problems that this would cause, the tourist or as we called the ones that came of it are, ' ' animal of the Goiaba' ' they did not have the same linking with the nature, perhaps for not depending on it as in, then they did not give importance, did not respect nor took care of of the nature. Of this form they depredated and they destruam. It speaks on these depredations. R: Forest fires and roados in order to clean lands pra construction of its houses, same construction of a is situated near the border of more almost than inside of the sea. They hunted at the time wrong, all caboclo that if preze must know that in the summer if it cannot hunt, therefore the majority of the females are ' ' prenha' ' or dealing with the younglings, and ' ' turista' ' it did not respect this, it hunted in the summer, of this form, when killing an animal, in the certainty it was killing at least more two or three younglings. In its opinion is this the cause of the disappearance of many animals? R: I am certain that yes, how many and how many years the Matinhense hunted, without having the extinct animals, because it respected the periods, it was respected nature, of this form, all the animals had time pra if to reproduce, assuring the continuity of the species. But if it only could hunt in the winter, in the summer the caboclo passed hunger? R: here who only passes hunger has fear of work. .