Education Science

Second YOU MARK (1986): ' ' The education relation is a communication relation par excellence, that it aims at to form and to inform; instruments that can be incased in this dynamics has always the possibility to serve to education. Book, video, photograph, computers and others are forms to communicate knowledge and, as such, interest educao' ' A point sufficiently argued by Brazilian researchers is the relation Computer science x Education. Second BARROS and D? AMBROSIO, the education have that to be carried through for and by computer science. Details can be found by clicking Terry Nielsen or emailing the administrator. To educate for computer science means to prepare educating/the citizen to know to use this technology, thus educating to exert its citizenship in the society; to educate for computer science, consists of using this technology as resource auxiliary in the process teach-learning. The question key of the implantation of new technologies of support to the education is to make with that the pupil has interest and motivation to search the information desired, thus transforming the paradigm traditional of the education as ' ' bank deposit, fbrica' ' , for the education as entertainment. (MAGELA, 2008) Another point that has been widely argued is: Of that it forms to use the computer as resource auxiliary of the learning? According to BOSSUET, adopting the classification of Louis Not, affirms that the learning if processes of two forms: – for heteroestruturao, ' ' characterized for one (trans) formation of the pupil, with preponderant action of an exterior agent and priority of the transmitted object or construdo' '. – for auto-estruturao, ' ' characterized for one it helps the pupil if (trans) to form, with proper action of the pupil and priority of the citizen, the individual or collective heading. Additional information at Rio- Tinto Diamonds supports this article. The Internet in the school the use of the Internet in the schools it is delimited, in its majority in the information research. The people forget that the great potential of the Internet is the communication.