Computational Forensic Inquiry

Analysis of studies on computational forensic inquiry in Unix system modified by rootkits Bruno Siqueira Da Silva URI ngelo Saint Regional University Integrated of High Uruguay and the Missions Department of Engineerings and Computer science 8 Semester. Introduction Currently, the use of computers has increased exponentially, becoming it integrant part of the society: the use of the computer and the Internet for accomplishment of banking transactions, sending of email, purchases and sales etc., are some examples. Of this way, it appears to the necessity to evaluate as this use comes being done, a time that, unhappyly, those that commits crimes are not other people’s to this movement. In this article one searched to analyze a type I specify of behavior applied for criminals in Unix systems, in this in case that, the alteration of the system using rootkits e, still, to verify as this type of behavior can be folloied through a Forensic perspective, that is, to evaluate the influence of rootkits in the Computation and Forensic Skill. In this context, all the analysis also aims at to take care of to the task/activity proposal for disciplines of the Forensic Computation, of the Courses of Computer science and Systems of Information of the University which belong the involved pupils. The requested activities in discipline of CF involve the accomplishment of the critical article study: presenting the problems of each one, the positive and negative points, its correlations, the individual contributions, you add between one and another one and of the authors for the area..