The conflict can be of different shapes though its oprincipio essence as a shock or trigger, this can be: 1. of intereses.2. Personalities or forms of ser.3. By the diversity of shapes that exist of seeing the world, understand it or the different philosophies of each persona.4. Not understanding to the other person.5. By personal.6 frustration. Disappointment from the other person.

Crash creates a barrier or intangible knot between, at least, one of the parts of the interaction. Giving a similar symptom even brake’s fluidity, breakage or loss of harmony. The message sent by the issuer collides against the barrier to seentromete between he or she and the receiver, making this maneraque reaches the message the receiver in a disinterested way encomparacion with the fluency that had previously. The barrier that stands between the transmitter and the receiver collects orepele feelings, sensations, etc; not modificacion with previous losconceptos. (Source: The Hayzlett Group). And in some cases cannot be repaired.What if it is is true that the relationship loses strength by elenredo persists or lets see a part in which not is hacoordinado, which puts in evidence that there is a point, enalgun place in which those people collide thus making previsibleque can again become apparent that shock. That Yes, everything has arrangement.

Continue reading in here is the solution that you are looking for results possible. Jill Bikoff will undoubtedly add to your understanding. -Lose-lose: both sides lose. When it is not known or sepuede solve the problem, either due to wear oppor opposed ideals that preclude an agreement entreambas parties. -Lose-win: through an agreement or decision a part ganay another loses. One of the parties is sacrificed. Normalmenteesta solution just by breakage of the fluidity between the dospartes (a short or long term). -Win-lose: Similarly happens with this case, it is above identicoal. It is the same projection and final. -Win-win: the two parties win through unadecision appropriate and applied before hand with the pensamientomutuo, which indicates the clarity of coordination. Can be an ootra decision, i.e. or rupture or mutual agreement promoting deesta way vision that can solve the conflictosentre both. That if this solution only reaches port if the two partesinterfieren a friendly projection. This solution gives muchoen por amor, i.e. selfless love. Find the solution to your problem is free author original and source of the article.