The Poor Rich Man

One marries great luxurious e. What to think thus of something? Obviously the words that vir in its head would be: wealth, stewardship, joy, parties. But this age one marries different. In it a sad man lived. The rotten product inside of the pretty packing. Visit Rod Brooks for more clarity on the issue. How to teach for a sad man the happiness? Happiness if teaches? How to give something good for that already it has everything? Perhaps it is not to the human reach to change the life of a sad man and in special this, that nobody did not have. All came close to it for money and status.

Superficial friendships. After a night of party and with a pretty and escultural woman to its side in the bed, the sad man is arisen and gone until varanda. Perhaps to look the direction of being to have everything and nothing at the same time. One sits down to pass the time in company of its melancholy and sleeplessness. When it looks at for front, sees a dog lying its door looking at it. Infuriated. League for the security wanting to know what a so dirty and ugly dog makes in its great luxurious house.

After the decided problem, it goes to lie down itself and comes back toward the mesquinhez of its life. Days if pass and all night when it went its varanda, the dog was, lying there with the same expression looking at it. all time was pulled out from there through the indignation of the man and the violent arms of the security. Certain day, much disappointed with the life, tired of the sadder work and of what the common one The man looking at again for the mysterious lying dog there, decides to come close itself. After all, what he has this small animal that does not give up to be all same being banishes and humiliated night there? With the hope to acquire some illness of the dirty dog, the man passes the Hand on the head of it. In the following, tired day of the solitude and the emptiness that found in the colloquies with they encircled that it, started to talk with the dog, not that it was being wild. Or perhaps yes. The fact is that it alone wanted to be heard for whom wise person who could not judge it. Our sad and rich man, was not badly, alone was sad. The friendship between the poor dog and the rich man was growing day after day. This started to feed it and talked every day. When it gave account Cozinho had adopted the poor person and was lacking the commitments important to be able to make company to it and already it was not so sad. How to make a man sad to move? How to teach happiness to it? Perhaps one to be alive irrational better knows of what the rationals and important human beings. A dirty and sarnento dog changed the life of a sad man. How? For the simple fact of ouviz it and to make a descompromissada company to it. One marries great luxurious what to think thus of something? Perhaps it comes much thing in its head, but this age one marries different. In it lived a man and a dog. Because it makes it to this different? Because the man was sad and the dog was not nobody, exactly thus one changed the life of the other.