Art and decoration are two interdependent concepts. A painting or a sculpture have a double essence that sits on both concepts, even if they are a work of art also are objects of decoration. And the same thing can happen to a mosaic or a piece of furniture, in reverse, even decorative objects, also they are it’s art. While it is true that when we think of a museum not we imagine it full of chairs or cupboards, this does not detract one iota of meaning to our assertion. First because that is not the only recipient, or possessor, that so abstract that is understood as art and, second, because there certainly is furniture in the museums. Although we do not know/define or differentiate very well what is art and decoration, that are quite inclined to admit that a painting or a sculpture belong to the diffuse sphere of art. And a urinal in modernist style to the field of decoration. Sometimes, depending on front of what work we are forward (is not the first time that face a Miro, for example, someone released it as trite of) “TranslateApiException: ServerTooBusy : ID=1035.V2_Json.TranslateArray.47D09EEB” We probably achieve a result that satisfies us more. Perhaps our House will not be accepted into a museum but that does not diminish his creative capacity, its aesthetic reason.