Gestalt Tarot

The Gestalt is given importance to the present moment, realizing the obvious, and this is what interests us as the main point on this path of personal growth. The major arcana represent our current situation not only our environment, but how we impact on ourselves, giving knowledge of the current moment as an opportunity to realize our mechanisms that make us easy or difficult their lives, or we create a conflict. These mechanisms are represented by the tarot archetypes are projections of ourselves, and knowing them brings light and clarity when addressing such conflicts that we have generated or generated at a given situation. The Tarot Gestal and not a matter of comparing, matching or differentiate. There are two forms that move with its own individuality, but at some points are riding together without differentiation, giving us the opportunity to find ourselves to be who we are, not what we need to be, breaking established patterns without labels , getting our own individuality, in a word evolution from our own authenticity.

From this underlying philosophy and archetypal Gestalt Tarot. They are not only technical, but ways of understanding, experience and reach to meet our own roots, in a word SER. Seen what the Tarot and underlying the Gestalt., The Tarot is the projection from the inside out of ourselves, ie the projection of who we are, our present time today. No talks only of others, or going to focus and feel the future or past situations, we also talk about what you have at this point, you do and what you are doing is obvious.