Spain Schools launches the first independent database of Spanish courses and language schools in Spain with search, price comparison and direct booking facility. The market situation of the teaching of Spanish courses is no longer timely. Each year, over 200,000 students visit a Spranischkurs in Spain. For schools, there are numerous paid web catalogues, in which the most language schools are registered with their contact details. A successful control or a tracking of customer flows from there is however mostly impossible. An intolerable situation for the schools: You need to invest here to be as well represented as their competition, but no way of monitoring. In addition, they have the distribution channels of tour operators and direct sales. Direct selling is arguably the best and Kundenfreundlichste way, but it is difficult to reach the desired school with the course suited him for the customer.

So he turns mostly to a tour operator. Since this but individual schools in various cities exclusively market exists for the customer no possibility of comparison. In addition customers when booking a Spanish course directly at the school as well as language must expect agencies to wait several weeks upon confirmation of the course. It concludes that there is no good way of language mediation despite the current possibilities in the Internet. EbooSystem is here: each school offers, free to present themselves and to enter their courses free of charge in the database.

Schools do so gladly, resulting in a rapid growth of the database. This is tantamount to a revolution in the teaching of language courses. Costs the schools only if a customer booking a Spanish course on EbooSystem financed through commissions, which will be withheld from the total amount but significantly lower than in language usual intermediaries. In return, the school itself for the provision of information on the platform is EbooSystem.