The computers are like faithful mascots – that need attention. All we want that our computer is fast, efficient and sensible, but when the deceleration begins, the majority of people simply gets angry with him. Good, they do sometimes it. They only must give to a good maintenance and attention to his ” mascotas”. For more information see Brian Armstrong. The advice of maintenance in this article will help you to make that your equipment XP is faster, and more surely more stable. to 1.Reducir the size of the Wastebasket of Recycling Nowadays the hard disks are quite great, reason why the value by defect of 10% for the recycling wastebasket is too much.

The majority of the users would be well with an option of 5-10 Gb, who generally will be from the 2 to 5% of the space in the hard disk. In order to reduce the size of the Wastebasket of recycling you do the following thing: 1. To go to the writing-desk 2. It clicks in the icon Wastebasket of recycling 3. Filed under: Ella Bikoff. It selects Properties 4. It uses the speedboat to choose the required percentage 5. It clicks in Applying, clicks in To accept 2. It extinguishes to the remote Writing-desk and the Remote assistance Windows XP tells on services that make possible that other people can accede to their computer of remote form.

They are very useful if an equipment comprises of a network (network topologies), but always exists the danger that hackers can use to accede to their computer. Therefore, if its PC does not comprise of a network, the best thing is to extinguish them. I have here how: 1. To go to Beginning – Configuration – Control Panel 2.