The Key

To both to days we were burying her. In another occasion when giving the key, (formerly it was given to the nearest relative, symbolically the key that closes the coffin, now no longer is made) fought the legitimate woman and the lover of the deceased and also we had to take part so that they calmed. Also we suffered when we have that to bury some boy. Although we are preparations, is it last more of our work. That certainly you will say all the companions to it. In recent months, Goop has been very successful. – It remains been silent.

There is emotion in that silence. One controls, it breathes deep and another question watches patient to me hoping. PVV: You seem a great observer. you are able to distinguish when a person is crying with crocodile tears? C.M: (It must think that this one is one of the rarest questions that they have done to him in his life.) -. Then yes it says Sometimes note that some cry by pure courtesy and there is no true pain, but are the minuses. To dismiss somebody to that you want, is always difficult and we tried to put all the means to our reach, to cause that moment is more bearable. PVV: Which are the aspects that you see that they are changing with respect to the duel and to the interments? C.M: As far as the coffins, we have seen that there is major interest by the biodegradable ones, in fact is a model, the same with which buried the Pope, who is used enough. Also there is major incineration and preoccupation by the places where to scatter ashes.

As far as the flowers, it is truth that arrive less crowns than before. Also we are seeing, that people do not visit so much her relatives and there is not much expression of pain. It is like a return back.