Setting Up A Home Computer

Personal computer consists of components that are configured individually using the parameters bios. Such components are: the chipset, cpu, ram, keshpamyat. Each of them has its own bios collection of settings that affect the listed components and their interactions with each other. By changing the parameters of the bios, you can improve performance of the computer, that is, increase the speed of running programs. It should be borne in mind that overstating the bios settings, your computer may become unstable. It is therefore important to maintain a balance between performance and stability of your computer. Manufacturer set averaged parameters that do not provide maximum performance, but at the same time guarantee a stable job.

Companies that sell computers, collect them from completing their own and make their adjustments in the bios settings to inflate the baseline characteristics, and thus be able to set a higher retail price, than that which deserves the computer. When purchasing a laptop, you get a computer assembly factory, which sets the average parameter settings and, therefore, it is possible to improve the performance of your computer (up to 10%). On the contrary, buying a desktop computer, collected by the seller, you get the car does not factory assembled, which means that the bios could be inflated above the average. Therefore, the owner of the computer must have an idea on how to quickly determine how bios settings are different from the optimum. It does not require special training. Only need to enter the bios and on the first page that opens, find the line Load Bios Defaults (or Load Optimized Defaults). It remains to get the cursor on this line and press Enter. The result will be established averaged parameters bios, adopted by the manufacturer and provide the most stable operation of the computer. It remains only to withdraw from the bios, rose cursor on Save & Exit Setup. Thus, quickly and easily you determine the rated performance of the test computer, then there are those that have been declared by the manufacturer.