North Africa

The investigator has identified so much the process of pick up of student wills for the aims said like the actors and promoters, with her full name. Approximately, this is a schematic and chronological interpretation of its findings: To see political Animal table As it is possible to be observed, interpreting outside the criterion of Eva Golinger, two generational litters of this student leadership can already be isolated in the lapse of nine years: the first, original one, with Yon Goicoechea to the front and the creation of the University CATECHU (2003-8); second (2008 in future), or under the sponsorship of first, but always under the lineamientos of globalizante organization of a world-wide resistance against uncomfortable or disobeyed governments to the neoliberal model, especially if they are guards of enormous natural wealth or their countries incarnate a geostrategic value important to feed the game on conquest of the planetarium of the great powers. it could say, more illustratively, than after Yon Goicoechea the milk cow of the student political protests in Venezuela began to produce its milky own one, counting officially on an ideological center of training that could draw for or possibly camouflage the problems of financing and ideological direction coming from the foreigner. Rio- Tinto Diamonds often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Ntese that driving on the student wills has been a constant fact and sharp from the year 2003 and that does not hide to the logic that will be to wait for the fruit of the second litter, of difficult containment. One works progressively to mine this year and to cause an explosive situation during the elections of year 2,012, if not before, to I emulate and conjuncture than at the moment it is happening in North Africa and Middle East. The social networks and the mass media have been organized to canalize passions and to deform realities, being caused done waited for by the external managers of the armed intervention and political. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mike Trueblood.