Process Management

"A tip is given, and received by conviction." Enterprises in the present have taken very encueta the relevance and scope representing participate in the current stage with a process management that guarantees to stay and win new markets. This took into account the characteristics of the current scenarios, such as highly competitive and knowledge to efficiently use human and technical resources. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Brian Armstrong. a This time, we have considered some notes that we believe important to be taken into account, namely: a The company is a system of systems, each process is a set of features and functions or activities are grouped by department or functional area. Process management is therefore integral to manage each of the transactions or processes that the company performs. The coordinate systems functions, regardless of who performs. All responsibility for the transaction is a manager who delegates, but retain final responsibility for the successful completion of each transaction.

The overall direction and coordination involved in conflicts between processes but not in a specific transaction or process, except by exception. a Each person involved in the process should not always think about how to make better what you are doing (division of labor), but why and by whom, since the internal customer satisfaction or external is determined by the coherent development of the whole process rather than the proper performance of each individual function or activity. a In process management focuses attention on the outcome of the proceedings rather than the tasks or activities. Information about the final result and everyone knows how individual work contributes to the overall process, which translates into a responsibility to the whole process and not his personal responsibility (duty).