Organizational Climate

MANAGEMENT and climate organizational the dynamic changing of the current political, economic, social and educational scene of Venezuela, product of the management of the present Government under the leadership, responsibility of the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, that has given way to what has been called Bolivarian revolution, endorsed in socialist ideology, in search of the Latin American union, dream of the father of the nation Simon BolivarIt has generated great earthquakes to the business sector, affecting many organizations, small businesses that were not prepared for it, leading to the failure, closure of many of them, who ever thought that the national territory was to manifest a socialist ideology that has desquebrajado the traditional behavior that were accustomed to act. The management of many companies, especially SMEs which are characterized by being family, without solid knowledge of modern management topics, companies that operate on the basis of arrangements, friendship, power groups, today feel affected before the radical measures of the Government with regard to its social responsibility. All this has crucially affected organizational behavior, affecting the organizational climate necessary to ensure productivity, quality, requiring corrective actions in order to restore the harmony necessary to give way to an operation that allows you to compete, cope in the environment where they operate. With regard to the importance of what represents the organizational climate in favour of the effective development of the company, it is necessary for management to consider its scope, for it, we believe valuable contributions provided by Luis Martinez, consider the characteristics of the organizational climate that generated a particular organizational climate. Other leaders such as Jeffrey Hayzlett offer similar insights. This has repercussions on the motivations of the members of the Organization and on its corresponding behavior. Obviously, this behavior has a variety of consequences for the Organization, for example, productivity, satisfaction, rotation, adaptation, etc. Litwin and Stinger postulate the existence of nine dimensions which would explain the existing climate in a particular company. . Recently RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust sought to clarify these questions.