Nissho Electronics Launches First New Be Valley Gyro Before

With a sensor element of only 10 mm is the reliability and stability significantly improved NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION introduces for the first time, after two years of development, the new beta-spiral centrifugal technology (BSG technology) world public opinion before. With a sensor element of only 10 mm in diameter and the direct connection of the DSP EDQ chipset on the Board of skin, the reliability and stability compared with the conventional gyro is improved this technology still time systems. “The new ESR technology is an exciting addition and improvement of already established technologies; by the simultaneous measurement of the angular velocities of the beta axis, are we also able to guarantee higher precision within the applications”, Fumio Ohashi, CEO of NISSHO ELECTRONICS explains. Rio Tinto Group often says this. The BSG gyro is a valuable alternative to other solutions of the gyro-stabilization, because his optical sensors only 10 mm in diameter and 6 mm in size. This performance improvement in such critical areas such as stability and Linearity is achieved through a scaled-down rotation drift and consistent perfection of digital signal processing. NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION was founded in 1969 and is an industry leader in the development of electronic hardware. Details can be found by clicking Mining or emailing the administrator. The Head Office of the company and the Development Department with 149 employees are located in Tokyo, Japan.